Staying in Guraidhoo

Hi Alex. Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog and also suggesting Ithaa beach Maldives. It was a memorable trip for the entire family. We had a fabulous time. Looking forward to doing more trips in Maldives to different islands. Once again Thank you.

Zain Abbas Vakil,

My Holidays In Rasdhoo

Hi Alex, the stay was really great, we enjoyed it a lot. Shallow Lagoon was really a very nice guest house, very clean and quiet. Thank you for that. We really loved spending time on Madivary Finolhu, it was truly amazing, I’ve never seen such blue colours in my life. On the other hand we have experienced also the local hospital, because my fiancee got some kind of allergy and she had blisters all over her forearms. We visited the doctor at the hospital and he was really nice and prescribed her some medicine which cured the allergy. Our stay continued to Huraa island. We booked Maldives Seashine guesthouse and it was really a disaster. I’ve never seen such a dope, it couldn’t be compared to Shallow Lagoon at all. Everything was covered in dust and smelled pretty badly. So we told the manager that we wanna cancel it and we immediately booked Pearl Sands of Maldives hotel. And our vacation on Huraa finally started. This hotel was a bit pricey but it was worth every penny. Thanks again for all you recommendation and help. We had a great time! Sincerely, Adam Studenic

Adam Studenic,

Diving In Rasdhoo 2018

Rasdhoo was amazing and the diving experience as well! Thank you so much for all your help and helping me planning this trip! I loved everything about it! The people there were so kind. I could just decide whenever I wanted to go diving and the dive sites were only minutes away! It was my last stop on my 5 month long journey and I definitely stopped on top ?? The only (little) bad thing was the time schedule with the flight and the boats. The boats are departing from Rasdhoo 7.30am and 2pm on Fridays. I booked the flight back to Sri Lanka at 3.25pm because you told me to, but it meant that I had a lot of hours to kill in the airport from 8.30am to 3.25pm ? But otherwise everything was absolutely perfect! ??

Emilie Vinter Bisgaard,

Maldives vacation

Hello I would like to say thank you to Alex and all the staff from thoddos, male who made my vacation so unique Maldives is the place to be if you want close to paradise Ready to come back again Miguelangel

Miguel Angel,

Rasdhoo diving is Nov 2017

when we decided to go to the Maldives on a budget, I was so relieved to have found Alex's website. it was exactly what I needed to decide which island to go to. the info given is accurate and up to date, so perfect to plan our vacations. once I was in contact with Alex to book things, I realised that he was offering great deals by combining lodging, diving, excursions, transport... and I really appreciated his advice on what to do, as well as not having to worry about a thing once there. we went to Rasdhoo island, stayed at Rasdhoo lagoon and dove with rasdhoo scuba. nothing bad to say about any of those places. friendly people, reasonable prices, and very professional people. I would definitely go back and try another island next, and even though I am a big travel planner, next time, i will go again through Alex to plan our trip. Thank you Alex

Claire Mollereau,

Как на картинке

Александр,здравствуйте! Как раз планировала вам написать,очень долгая дорога домой была! Но скажу с полной уверенностью - оно того стоило!!! Спасибо вам огромное за помощь в организации! Ну и поделюсь немного впечатлениями) В первую очередь отмечу,что идеальным вариантом было посетить первым Тодду,потому что пляж и море там просто божественные! И именно это место стало нашим первым впечатлением от Мальдив! Уже потом мы поняли,что если бы мы оказались на первом острове на Расду,то это было бы небольшое разочарование,потому что пляж там,скажем честно,не очень... Зато гест на Расду (Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo) нам понравился больше всех из трёх в плане комфорта и обстановки! Все развлечения испытали в первые 3 дня на Тодду и оставшиеся дни просто уже балдели на пляже! Абдулла (Thoddoo Retreat) и его команда молодцы,организовали для нас шикарные развлечения,отличная команда! В целом,эмоции и впечатления-да, Мальдивы они прям такие как на картинках в журналах ? Поэтому вам ещё раз огромная благодарность!

Александра Шумкина,

Отдых На Острове Тодду

Александр, здравствуйте!Только добралась до личной почты. И хотели Вас поблагодарить за помощь! На о. Тодду нас встретили, заселили, ездили на экскурсии с Абдуллой, проводили в день отлета. Всё замечательно! Спасибо :)В целом отдых получился потрясающим! Мы влюбились в Мальдивы! Конечно, очень понравился отдых на резорте, это сказка! На локальном острове в принципе тоже неплохо, но там быстро приелась еда, пляжи не такие красивые. Океан супер везде! Хотелось бы нам вернуться? ДА! На резорт 🙂


Diving In Rasdhoo

We had a great holiday, thank you very much! Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo is a beautiful place to stay, the staff was super attentive and made our stay memorable. The diving was great as well, we really enjoyed ourselves. Greetings from the Netherlands, Rose and Richard

Richard Brouwer,

Ukulhas Inn

Спасибо большое за отличную организацию, везде все четко и без заминок. Нам все понравилось, только по вечерам ,как стемнеет, на острове немного скучновато, делать практически нечего, но это, на сколько я понимаю, специфика Мальдивских островов.Спасибо еще раз

Dmytro Gnatyk ,

Hammerheads At Rasdhoo In Septembe

Hi Alex,Just wanted to say thank you for the information and booking advice. Our trip went very well and we had a great time.The room at Shallow Lagoon was very nice and most people were very friendly. The only problem was the butler (Garre?) was asking too many questions and wanted to know what we were doing and where we were going even after we told him we would let him know if we needed anything. Maybe he was bored because there was no one else staying there. Anyway we didn't feel comfortable when he was at the hotel. But the other people who work there were excellent.For diving, we went with Rasdhoo Scuba (5 dives) and with Rasdhoo Dive Club (3 dives) so I can compare the service from the two. People at both dive centres were very helpful, friendly and competent dive masters. The main difference is that Rasdhoo Scuba offers better quality but at a higher price. The equipment is in a slightly better condition. Also Simon at Rasdhoo Scuba insists on only doing good dives while Rasdhoo Dive Club will still take you diving if the conditions are not good for diving. Off course if you have very little time and really want to dive in Rasdhoo then maybe the Rasdhoo Dive Club is a better option (or only option).Take care!Tertius

Tertius Greyling,