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Silver South Ari Package

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South Ari Atoll is the home of the biggest fish in the world – whale sharks. They are very friendly and always ready to swim with you. Come and join!

3 islands: Omadhoo (picnic island with dinner, manta watching), Dhangethi (whale shark watching,
dolphins), Dhigurah (night fishing, safari snorkeling), 9 nights

Package Inclusive:

– Islands: Omadhoo, Dhangethi, Dhigurah
– Guesthouses: Omadhoo Inn, Ariston Inn Dhangethi, Rasvehi
– 9N10D
– Meal: half board (breakfast and dinner)
– Picnic island visiting with dinner
– Manta snorkeling
– Whale shark snorkeling
– Cruise with dolphins
– Night fishing
– Safari snorkeling
– Transfer: Male-Omadhoo and Dhigurah-Male by scheduled speedboat. Transfer Omadhoo-Dhangethi by
private speedboat
– All taxes (GST, Service Charge, Green Tax)
Total (per person): $US 915


Package Code: SSAP


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Omadhoo is located in South Ari Atoll and that is about 70 kilometers far from the capital Male. About 800 people live on Omadhoo but this shouldn’t bother you at all like on many other islands in Maldives it’s not busy here. At this moment bikini beach area officially rather small, but guests can go outside and locals won’t say anything. The beach is clean and nice with long sandbank with water “entrance” to a house reef. There are several sandbanks near Omadhoo, the largest one is located near the island of Hangamedhoo. Picnic island is rather large and it is about 20-25 minutes by dingy from Omadhoo.


Small (it’s only 925 х 350 meters) but vivid and diverse Dhangethi is situated rather close to Male. The island is the capital of Alif Daal Attol with the population of about 1000 people. The narrow streets of Dhangethi with its bright and vivid houses create a wonderful atmosphere of bliss and harmony. The island has a moderate in its size bikini zone with a several hammocks and sunbeds for a comfortable rest. The territory is always kept clean. The house reef is not so far from the beach although not really so close.


Dhigurah is located 96 km southeast of Male in southern Ari Atoll. The length of the island is approximately 4 km. Its width (in its widest part) is 300 m so its shape is quite prolonged. The island gets narrower in its southern direction and ends with a sandbank. Most visitors travel here for the close proximity of the whale shark watching spots.


Picnic island visiting with dinner

One of the best place to feel the wildlife of Maldives is visiting of uninhabited islands. But the most wonderful thing is the opportunity to take a tent and stay on the island for the night. Just imagine – spending the night on an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean! But well just spending a day by yourselves only on an uninhabited island is also quite enjoying. The island itself is very beautiful with a white beach that surrounds the whole island. There is a house reef where you can see a lot of fish, rays and sometimes turtles.

Manta ray snorkeling

Watching Manta Rays can be described as a dance, as some of nature’s most elegant creatures glide around you in the water, twisting and turning with the currents, providing a truly mesmerising spectacle. Every year, Manta interactions top the lists of Maldives holiday highlights, and those who have been fortunate to witness these displays will understand why. In one time you can see up to 7-10 mantas. They are very friendly and can touch you with their wings. You shouldn’t scare of it.

Whale shark snorkeling

Whale shark safari is truly a spectacular action. The waters around Maldives are teeming with life and one ofthe most celebrated creatures is the whale shark. These creatures are quite huge and are reputed as one of the largest fish in the sea. An adult shark can reach up to an astounding 12 meters in length. Regardless its size a whale shark is not dangerous at all – whale sharks are filtered feeding sharks that feed on mostly plankton. These are harmless majestic sea creatures living in the depths of the ocean. Watching them elegantly swimming through the currents of the ocean is very moving and enjoyable.

Dolphin Cruise

Maldives is the very place where dolphins swim in great numbers all year round. Enjoy the breathtaking view around you while sipping a drink and tasting canapés served by the crew. But once the dolphins appear you will be unable to keep your eyes peeled for dolphins spinning and jumping around the bow of the boat. These playful creatures create an astonishing spectacle which fascinates and amuzes you.

Night fishing with BBQ

One of the most authentic activities is fishing under the magical starlit Maldivian sky. This is a vital activity practised by the locals for generations, which today is attracting exquisitive travelers who wish to take part in the adventure themselves. This might become an ideal family pastime or a memorable couple evening which typically ends up with a barbecue from your catch of the night.

Safari Snorkeling

Under the “Safari Snorkeling” come’s three different snorkeling experiences. One the Marine snorkeling focuses on seeing the beautiful marine life animal’s like Manta, Turtles. While the other Coral Garden Snorkeling focuses on seeing the Reef life and the fishes that exists within. And in the last one you can see nice coral reefs, school of fishes and sometimes animals like sharks and turtles.



By scheduled speedboat at 16:00 daily. Cost is included to the tour.


By private speedboat. Cost is included to the tour.


By public ferry. Duration is 30 min. Every day except Friday. Cost in not included to the tour.


By scheduled speedboat at 6:30 am daily. Cost is included to the package.