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Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo. Full Review

Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo is a brand new guest house on Rasdhoo located near the hospital and 3 minutes from the beach.

We started to plan our dive trip in the end of April. Firstly it was supposed to be a team of 6 or 7 people but finally we came up with 13! Only 4 of us were divers however we spent the best day off ever!

The majority of us has only one day off (the civil staff has two) that’s why we wanted to leave Male as soon as possible. The ocean was calm so we were lucky o get there in an hour.

On arrival we went to see our guest house. Here are some observations:

— the courtyard is huge, it can fit even more guests than the capacity of the guest house itself.

— the rooms are large and bright. I would say that these are the largest out of 13 other guest houses I’ve ever visited. And the bathroom I would say is the second on the list as for its size and convenience.

— the guest house is 3 minutes away from the beach.

We didn’t think about anything special for the night so we just gathered in Lemon Drop. This place has rather considerable prices so the variety of dishes is average. We ordered a simple sandwich. However we waited a long time for our food. Although we came to the café separately and definitely it was not so busy.

After that some of us headed for the dive center to discuss our diving for the next day. It was Friday so we could only get one diving session.

Later on we all gathered to smoke a hookah. At my request we had a local hookah that I mentioned before. It was nice to relax far from the noisy Male.




The next day we went for a dive and the others came to the beach.

I would not say the diving was such memorable. The reason was poor visibility due to the absence of the current. However we managed to see some sharks and plenty of fish.

After the dive we joined those who left for the beach. It was not so comfortable to snorkel because of the low tide. However I got to see a shoal of some small fish. Yet you may usually meet moray eels or baby sharks in the morning. And the water was really warm if not to say it was hot.

After the lunch we went to the neighboring picnic island Madivaru Finolhu (Madivaru was closed because the local school was having some events there)

You can also borrow plastic chairs from the guest house and we took them as well.

It was Friday so it was rather crowded, mostly by families with children. But don’ worry there is enough space for everybody. We’ve stayed till the sunset which was really wonderful because of the clear sky.








Our evening was followed by the barbecue on a picnic island. We got freshly grilled fish, rice and baked vegetables. That was a truly splendid combination! I would say it was worth it. And the staff did their best. The only thing missing to call it a smash was probably a bodubery show.

The next day we had to leave at 6:30 and move on to our everyday chores.

That was definitely the best weekend in the greatest company!


Transfer to Rasdhoo

Public ferry

The ferry to the capital runs every 15-20 minutes. The price is 3$. There is a taxi service in Male, the taxi fares are fixed – $2.5, or 40 rufiyaas at any place.

Male – Rasdhoo. Duration is 3 hours, $4 per person, available on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am from Villingili Terminal (southwest of Male).

Rasdhoo – Male. Duration is 3 hours, $4 per person, available on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 11.00am to Villingili Terminal (southwest of Male).


Runs daily, there are 3 speedboats right now. Departure point from Male depends on boat. Contact your guest house. Duration is 1 hour 20 minutes, $35 per person.

Male-Rasdhoo at 11:00 and 15.00 – 16.00, on Friday at 9:30

Rasdhoo – Male at 7:30 and 16:30, on Friday only at 7:30.

Transfer upon request

Private speed boat: the travelling time is about 1 hour 20 minutes, the cost is $550-650.

Seaplane: the travelling time is about 15 minutes, the return ticket is $348.


What next? Check packages to Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo or get a tailor-made tour.

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