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Review about Maafushi

Anna Lelchuk gave me this short interview, after she had spent her holidays on Maafushi island in January 2016.

How did you learn about budget holidays in Maldives? What sources helped you to find the necessary information? 

I started searching for information 4 months before my holidays started. At first it was YouTube (I saw lots of useful (and sometimes not really useful) videos), then it was budgetmaldives.co; contacts and personal conversations with “the locals” in social networks were also of help, as well as groups on VKontakte. In a word, there are a number of sources to choose from.

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How did you choose a guest house? 

We chose our guest house after we saw some videos on Youtube. Although we had already booked our guest house, we were still looking for other variants and were comparing them, but in the end we stayed in the guest house that was the first we got interested in.

review maafushi

You’ve just landed at Hulhumale airport. What was your first thought? 

Woow!! Maldives!

What impressions do you have after visiting Male and Hulhumale? 

On the whole we spent almost 2 days in Male and, looking forward to experiencing local color, we visited the markets with the local food, shops and cafes. Trying some dishes of the local cuisine for the first time was a very good experience.

Hulhumale turned out to be a very picturesque place.

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You’ve been to Maafushi island, the most famous local island, I’d say. What positive and negative sides of the island can you name? 

I did not notice any drawbacks, except for the absence of hustle and bustle, but I was prepared for that and, to tell the truth, expected to spend my holidays in peace and quite.

The locals are very welcoming, the island is tiny, you can walk around it within few minutes. I was really impressed by the nature itself… Turquoise water, white sand… Pet parrots… Underwater inhabitants…

A few words about your guest house: the room, conveniences, the staff, meals. 

There was everything necessary for living: hot water, air conditioning, a fan.

The meals: breakfast was included, there were 2 types of it: local and continental. The local one was great!

For dinner a buffet was also available (as an option, for extra pay). For dinner there was usually a set of various types of pasta and meat, fish, fruit, juice, and water. If you’re 10 minutes late for dinner/breakfast, you’ll stay hungry.

What local cafes did you visit? What did you try there? 

At the baker’s pastry and bread were so tasty! There you can take a coffee-to-go, the staff also try to speak Russian. We usually visited ‘Rehendi’: we usually ordered various dishes with tuna and fresh tropical fruit juices.

Especially we liked smoked tuna. We bought it to eat later while drinking our beer. The smoked tuna is sold literally everywhere. At first sight the package seemed a bit strange, but the tuna itself tasted great! If you’re a sweet tooth, you should definitely try bondi!

What activities or guided tours did you order? 

Unfortunately, for health reasons we had to change our plans, so we only managed to go snorkeling and diving.

What would you recommend those, who are planning to spend their holidays in Maldives? 

Always remember about a first-aid-kit and be careful while staying in the sun. Protect your skin from getting burnt; take care of your body.

I also take a fumigator with me. And when going to Maldives, also remember that it is a Muslim country, so be attentive while choosing your clothes.

And the last question: why, in your opinion, should one choose Maldives?

Sooner or later a traveler decides on visiting Maldives, but is reluctant to go there because of high prices. I’d recommend not dwelling on this fact. Any country is open for a tourist searching for budget holidays. And if you haven’t bought a ticket yet, do it, the ocean is waiting for you!


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