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Resort is a sort of a summer camp

Here is one more interview from Valeria. Having worked about 10 years in a restaurant business, one of these years she spent at Velassaru Maldives Resort.

When did you first come on Maldives? Tell us your story.

I came there to work. This country didn’t attract me as a place to spend a vacation because I’m not keen on this type of relaxation. I’ve started to search for a job abroad because I wanted to obtain an international experience and the Russian salary was not enough when I exchanged it into dollars. I found an opening on Сatererglobal website and sent my CV. By chance I happened to know my employer as we worked together in Saint-Petersburg. That’s how I came to Maldives.

What do you do and why did you choose this occupation?

I’ve been working in hotels for more than 10 years. I started a job in this sphere accidentally when I was still at university and decided to earn some extra money. I adore restaurants, tasty food and good vine. It’s really one of the biggest pleasures in my life. It’s also interesting to work with people although sometimes it wears you out. So I would rather say that it was not my choice but my occupation had chosen me!

Having worked at resorts, can you say that such a limited circle of people you interact with all the time affects you?

I was mostly affected by the feeling of isolation and by a closed space. What is more a resort is a village where it’s hard to keep privacy.

Describe your ordinary week day and a day off.

I usually worked two shifts: from 7 to 11 am and from 6 to 11 pm. Apart from this schedule, the work at a restaurant on Maldives doesn’t differ in anything from the same one in Russia.

During time your work turns into workdays and you don’t realize you’re working on Maldives. But many people consider this place a paradise! What would you say in response?

As I mentioned before the job doesn’t differ in general. Here you’ll probably get less stressful situations with your guests because they’re mostly in a good mood and none of them is looking for conflicts either.

I’ve heard from many expats that they cannot stand Malé  for more than an hour. I won’t object this city is mostly suitable for work than for a quite rest. What do you think about it? Is it really so bad?

As for me it was vitally important to visit Malé  on my day off just for a change. But I would not suggest any tourist to go to Malé  intentionally.

You’ve been living on Maldives for some time so what is your impression? What attracts/ repels you here?

I’m an atheist so it was hard to live in the country where people attach such significance to religion. Although in my opinion this religiousness is more about hypocrisy as they do some things that don’t correspond with their values. However I made several good friends here!

It happened that I asked you for this interview just at the airport. Why would you decide to leave Maldives? And do you plan to come back?

I don’t plan do come back for work. It is not the right country for a professional growth. But I would probably come back to visit my friends.

Tell us any funny/sad moment about your life here?

The locals used to call me a fake Russian because, could you believe, I was often freezing on Maldives! 

What would you advise to those people who want to work here?
Think of how much you’re willing to live without the entertainments of a large city. Also you should read about the country and to talk to somebody who has been here. Moreover it is important to ask your employer about every detail in particular. Learn about your accommodation (ask for a photo, the number of people in a room and their nationality), the location of the resort (whether the transfer expense is covered by your company and also how regular those transfers are), ask if there is any bar with alcohol for the staff (of course if it’s significant for you).

Resort is a sort of a summer camp so think also whether you feel nostalgic about your school days!


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