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Reethi Beach Resort review


I chose Reethi Beach resort for a simple reason: they had the most reasonable offer for expats, and I also wanted to try a domestic flight.

The resort is located in Baa Atoll, 15 km away from Dharavandhoo local island, where one of the airports is located.

I was travelling there, as I’ve already mentioned, having a domestic flight (flights of local airlines are called so). The travelling time was just 30 minutes. The terminal is located just 50 meters away from the international terminal. The aircraft with a capacity of 80 persons was full. The flights on this destination are offered by two airlines: Maldivian Aero и Fly.Me, all in all there are about 10 flights a day there and back.


The ticket costs, if you book tickets directly via their websites, are $150 and $160 per person correspondingly.

On Dharavandhoo we were taken to the speedboat by bus. By the way, the road connecting the airport and the harbor is asphalt. We were travelling by speedboat approximately 20 minutes. On arrival we were escorted to the reception desk. Among guest managers I noticed only two girls from Germany.


After a few minutes I was escorted to my villa. I stayed at Deluxe Villa. After some conversations I found out that my guest manager had been working in Maldives for 3 years, but on different islands. It’s OK to change resorts every year. Actually I don’t understand how one can live a year on one and the same island.

Description of the villa

The villa itself is very big (you can see it on the photo). The window (with a front door) that occupies the whole wall catches your eye at once. You have to draw the curtains. There is everything necessary:

  • a large and spacious bed;
  • a wardrobe;
  • a sofa and a coffee table;
  • tea/coffee, a bottle of water every day;
  • a mini-bar.

There is a shower and a bathroom. Near the sink you can find bottles with shampoo, body lotion, shower gel, and a bar of soap. Some towels. They are ready to change towels several times a day.


I liked it that at the villa practically everything is made of wood. There was practically no plastic. But I can say that there was not enough light inside.


Another big minus is that there is no Wi-Fi at villas. On the island it can be found only at the central bar and at the reception desk. And it is very slow, even when there is nobody near you. If we compare guest houses by this criterion, this resort is definitely losing.


The beach is located just 30 meters away from the villa. Sun loungers are associated with a particular room (they are signed). The beach itself extends along the whole island. The first thing I wanted to see was the home reef. During those 2 days the wind was very strong and the waves were high, what made getting into water difficult.






But still having swum about 30 meters, I came to be on the edge of the reef. And a number of fish turned out to be a great surprise to me! There were thousands of them! I’ve never seen so many various fishes within a home reef. Moreover, it seemed to me that they were baited, because there were too close to me. Apart from the fish I also saw some turtles, moray eels and lots of other fish that I’ve never seen before.


If you have meals included in the cost, you’ll eat at the central restaurant. There a buffet service is available. I was disappointed at the fact that there was practically no pork either for lunch or for dinner! But other products were in abundance. But, as it turned out later, if you order even water (!), you’ll have to pay for it.




In the evening you have practically nothing to do, except perhaps going to the bar. The drinks prices there are rather high (the cheapest 0,33 beer is $5). When it was our first evening on the island, we were seen a 30-minute film about a local water sport centre. What for? And why was it so long? Questions without answers.

Then a ‘DJ’ was playing music, mainly Chill-Out. Everything was for relaxation.


On Friday evening, according to a tradition, a dance Boduberu show was performed. The guys were inviting us (actually pressing us) to take part in it. Probably it is the only tradition that Maldivians had from their African past. Although they insist that it’s purely their feature.

The majority of guests leave for their villas by 22.00. By the way, the time on resorts is often ahead of the time in Male by 1 hour.

What else can be found on the island?

There are some restaurants that are usually open from 16.00 till 22.00. One of them is located on water.




Apart from the water sport centre mentioned above, there is also a diving centre (the prices there don’t differ much from those on local islands), a SPA centre, and a swimming pool (also with a bar).






Check out there is usually at 12.00, but if your flight is, let’s say, at 14.00, then you can stay for a longer time (unless you’re asked to leave).

Well, probably, that’s all that can be said about this resort.


What next? Check packages to resorts or get a tailor-made tour.

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