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Rasdhoo Island in Maldives. 2018 Updates

Rasdhoo Island is one of the most popular destinations among diving amateurs. The island is located in Alif Alif Atoll 56 kilometers west from Male. Rasdhoo is a rather small island, it’s about 500 m in length and approximately 600 m in width. The population of Rasdhoo today is 1500 people. Yes, the number of people on such a small piece of land is large, but you don’t really notice it.

Bikini beach

The beach area is not so big as in Thoddoo or Ukulhas. Entrance is not very convenient for children. That’s why Rasdhoo is not the best choice for beach lovers.You can easily have a rest under trees and escape from scorching sunshine.

Activities on Rasdhoo

The island offers quite a number of activities. Let’s consider the most popular of them.

Floating bar

Yes, Rasdhoo is the second island where you can find floating bar with alcohol: Bear, liquir, wine are available.

Uninhabited Islands

Madivaru and Madivaru Finolhu islands are located close to Rasdhoo. The locals call them picnic islands. These islands are uninhabited; you can get there by speed boat or by kayak. There is a lagoon near Madivaru Finolhu, which is 2.5-3.0 meters deep. There is a magnificent coral at the heart of the lagoon, where you can find lots of beautiful fish!

There are three sandbanks near these islands, where seagulls and other seabirds often fly. One of the sandbanks is located near Madivaru; you can get there on foot. The other two are over the lagoon near Madivaru Finolhu. The first one is about 1 km away from the Madivaru Finolhu, the other one is 500 meters away from the island. There is a very beautiful reef with lots of little fish near the second sandbank.


Rasdhoo is known for its house reef. It’s better to swim there during high tide. There is a strong current on the edge of the reef, so it’s better to swim towards one of the points (it depends on the direction of the current). Lie and not to move – the current will carry you.

Apart from that you can take a guided tour around the three dive points. There is manta ray points, where you can observe giant manta rays. You can also see turtles, sharks, and devilfish.


The atoll is really famous for its dive points. These places are considered to be the best in Maldives. The underwater world is really worth exploring. Diving schools offer to take an instruction and to dive together with an instructor. So even beginners can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the underwater world.

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The greatest advantage of Rasdhoo is the availability of diving points for beginners. Even plunging for only 8 meters you can see the beauty of this wonderful Atoll! So do not be afraid then you will have something to remember.


To catch fish, you don’t always need a cool fishing rod with expensive bobbin and line. Only a line, a hook and ledger bait will be enough. That’s a simple way how to catch a fish for dinner. Real fishing amateurs can go to Big Game Fishing on a fully-equipped boat.


The island itself is very neat. The locals clean the area near their houses every day. Something new appears, something old is being improved.

In Rasdhoo tourists can find all necessary infrastructure:
– groceries and hardware stores. There you can buy fruit and drinks, and also beach gear. It’s very convenient for those, who left something at home.
– gift shops. There are 5 or 6 gift shops on the island. There are lots of various souvenirs, everyone can find something to his liking.
– several cafes. There are 5 cafes on the island, and what’s more, most of them are intended for tourists.
– dive centres. There are 3 constantly functioning dive centres on the island.
– a bank;
– ATM (your can withdraw rufies only, the service fee is 100 ryfiyaas, and it does not matter how much money you’re going to take out);
– a branch office of the mobile network operator. Here you can also buy a SIM-card with mobile internet, however there is free Wi-Fi in every guest house.
– a hospital. You can apply there for help in case you have got a minor illness. Otherwise you’ll have to go to Male by speedboat.
– a post office;
– a police station.

Using a drone, you can take the best photos of Maldives.

There you can also take a ferry to the neighbouring Thoddoo or Ukulhas. Today every citizen cleans up the area near their houses. But, what’s more important, every week special voluntary clean-ups are organized. A separate area on the island is chosen, and everyone cleans it.

So far I’ve seen it only on Rasdhoo, how women smoke a local Maldivian hookah. It’s difficult to describe the taste of it, it’s not so sweet as in the hookah familiar to us. The effect is stronger, and you can already feel it just after few drags.

The most popular place among the locals is a stadium. And it should be noticed that all the games there are held according to a strict schedule:

– early in the morning (till 9.00am) – cricket;

– from 16.00pm till 19.00pm – Junior Football League;

– from 19.00pm till 22.00pm – Adult Football League.

Transfer to Rasdhoo

The ferry runs from the airport to the capital every 15-20 minutes. The ticket price is $3. There is a taxi service in Male, the taxi fares are fixed – $2.5, or 40 rufiyaas at any place. Actually, here are all the possible means of transport from and to the island:

Public ferry
Male – Rasdhoo. Duration is 3 hours, $4 per person, available on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am from Villingili Terminal (southwest of Male).

Rasdhoo – Male. Duration is 3 hours, $4 per person, available on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 11.00am to Villingili Terminal (southwest of Male).

Scheduled speedboat
Runs daily, there are 3 speedboats right now. Departure point from Male depends on boat. Contact your guest house. Duration is 1 hour 20 minutes, $35 per person.

Male-Rasdhoo at 10:30 and 15.30 – 16.00, on Friday at 9:30

Rasdhoo – Male at 7:30 and 13:30.

Transfer upon request

Private speed boat: the travelling time is about 1 hour 20 minutes, the cost is $550-650.

Seaplane: the travelling time is about 15 minutes, the return ticket is $348.