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About Omadhoo

Omadhoo is located in South Ari Atoll and that is about 70 kilometers far from the capital Male. About 800 people live on Omadhoo but this shouldn’t bother you at all like on many other islands in Maldives it’s not busy here. Not so long ago the island has started to develop. The new guest houses are popping up, the litter is being thrown away and the size of the bikini beach is increasing. What is more the transport communication is being rapidly developed too. These are really very satisfying news!


Beach and snorkeling

At this moment bikini beach area officially rather small, but guests can go outside and locals won’t say anything.  The beach is clean and nice with long sandbank with water “entrance” to a house reef.

omadhoo snorkeling 1

The house reef is very long and has 2 entrances. Its length is about 600-700m, so every day you can see something new. The current can be very strong, so I recommend using fins. Although you can swim without them – it’s up to you.

omadhoo snorkeling

The most exciting thing awaits you at the very edges of the house reef as well as on the most other islands. On the whole this reef is 80-90% alive so you can see very much of everything: schools of fishes, lots of actinia with Nemo fish and beautiful coral gardens. It is even possible to see turtles and different types of rays.

Scuba diving

The South Ari atoll is famous for its snorkelling and diving sites. Multicolored coral gardens, huge sсhools of fish attract lowers of the underwater world from all over the world!

omadhoo manta

Also near Omadhoo, there are several points with mantas. Therefore, all around the year, you can see these amazing and graceful animals.

omadhoo whale shark

You can also go on a “hunt” for whale sharks from Omadhoo. In this area, about 260 individuals of these giant fish have been recorded. But to find them is not so simple. Therefore, most of the time is spending for their search. The entire trip can take at least half a day.

South Ari Atoll is the most popular destination for diving in Maldives. It is understandable, in one place you can see all the most exciting that the Maldives can offer.

Read more about diving in South Ari Atoll here.

omadhoo sand bank view


omadhoo sand bank


omadhoo sandbank umbrella


There are several sandbanks near Omadhoo, the largest one is located near the island of Hangamedhoo. Its length is about 150-200 m. There are very few tourists coming here, so it’s cleaned not regularly. The other sand bank appears only in certain months of the year once current changes. An interesting thing in the Maldives – today there is no island, and after a couple of months it appears as if from nowhere.

omadhoo picnic island overnight


omadhoo picnic island


omadhoo island

Picnic Island

It’s rather large (by the Maldives for an uninhabited island) the island is about 20-25 minutes by dingy from Omadhoo. This island was leased to the guys from Omadhoo Inn (with whom I work), who are watched out for it and every few days they go to clean up the litter.

In fact, they give permission to other guest houses, resorts, safari boats to visit this island. Therefore, they are always aware of how many people are on the island. And it’s very convenient because you can know for sure that today island will be only for you.

omadhoo view

Sometimes safari boats have parties, so you can join them. But the most wonderful thing is the opportunity to take a tent (everything is provided in a guest house) and stay on the island for the night! Dinner by candlelight is also included. Alcohol – at an additional cost. Just imagine – spend the night on an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean! By the way the there is mobile internet connection as well, 4G, civilization!

omadhoo island water


omadhoo island ocean

The island is very beautiful with a white beach that surrounds the whole island! There is a house reef where you can see a lot of fish, rays and sometimes turtles. The reef is badly damaged due to global warming and it takes time to re-enter us with this color diversity.

Resort visiting

Despite the abundance of resorts in this region, only a few of them are open to visitors – Centara Grand Resort and Lily Beach. You can also dine in the underwater restaurant of the Conrad Maldives Resort.



By a speedboat:

It runs every day except Friday. The price is $25 per person.

Male – Omadhoo at 16:00

Omadhoo – Male at 7:00


What next? Check packages to Omadhoo or get a tailor-made tour.

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