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Magoodhoo Island


Magoodhoo island is located well away from Male in Faa Atoll (approximately 140 away from Male). I chose that island because of a relatively cheap transfer (just $45 one way by speedboat) and a total absence of guest houses (there is only one guest house on the island). About 500 people live on the island. By the way, I was the only tourist on the island at that time.

A boat departs from Male either at 11:00 or at 13:00. It’s up to the captain to decide what time to choose. On the boat there is room for 33 people. It is not very comfortable, as compared to the standard one for 22 people. The best seats are in front; at least there is enough room for your legs. You’d better come earlier to reserve the seats. Women and children usually prefer to sit at the rear (I don’t know why).


When the weather is fine, the travelling time is 2,5 hours. The route of the boat is as follows: Male – Feeali – Bileydhoo – Magoodhoo – Dharanboodhoo – Nilandhoo. That is to say that before reaching Magoodhoo it makes two stops.


There are lots of palm trees on the island that, as it seemed to me, are higher than on other islands. And there is also not so much litter. There is a conventional border between the village and the tourist zone – it is a road. For some unknown reasons nothing grows there.


The beach itself is not very large and at full sea it is usually covered by water. Apart from that there is s rather strong current. Sun loungers can be found there. They try to keep the beach clean. The locals can come to the beach, and the guest house’s staff have to put a sign near the beach showing that there are tourists. And wearing bikinis is also allowed there.


They advised me to choose another place for snorkeling (near the guest house). There the way you can get into water is not very comfortable, but they promise to build a small ‘berth’ to simplify the problem.


There is plenty of room for snorkeling. I can’t say for sure where it is better, I’d recommend you trying everything and then you can decide, what is better for you.

If you want to see sharks and turtles, you have to travel to outer reefs. A trip there can be organized by the guest house, but for $55. Quite expensive, but it is worth it.


Not far from Magoodhoo, approximately 400 m away from the coast, a sandbank is located. At full sea it is flooded, so you can get there only at low sea. And try not to swim alone: the current is really strong there.


There are 2 cafes on the island, but the locals usually visit them. It was strange to see there plates, glasses, forks, and spoons looking like those in the Soviet Union (unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take a photo of them). They are going to make this place more “cultured”, but it will happen only if the island is constantly visited by tourists.


It this café I was offered to try an interesting drink – ‘Raa’. Its colour seems more like Russian kvass from birch juice. It is rather delicious, sweet, fermented, I’d say. But it is not alcohol. But its flavour… Well, just drink, don’t smell it. It is very refreshing, especially when it’s hot. This “juice” comes from coconut palms. They just cut a young “stem”, on which coconuts are not mature enough, and hang a plastic bottle on it. The bottle is emptied twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, and, moreover, the flavours in different parts of the day are not the same. As far as I understood, they can make wine or moonshine from this juice.


Groceries can be bought in one of 6 stores on the island. The assortment is quite the same as on other local islands.

A diving center is said to be opened at the end of this year.


On the island works on extending the island area are in progress, however they don’t know how to use this area. But the process is very active.


But I was more impressed that there is a chicken farm on Magoodhoo. I didn’t expect to see it in Maldives! Opposite the farm another farm where vegetables grow is located. All these agricultural objects are on your way to the bikini beach.


Guest House Magoodhoo Inn 

The guest house Magoodhoo Inn itself is a two-flour building with rooms of the same size and layout. There is a kitchen and a spacious inner court with a dining zone. And there are also lamps that look like the Soviet ones. They even use simple light bulbs. I’ve never seen something like this before in Maldives.

On the photo you can see everything that can be found in a room (there is no safe). In the bathroom I found a packed one-use toothbrush, toothpaste, a razor, a soap, a shower gel, and a shampoo. Just like in a hotel. And the bath itself is rather big for a guest house.

I liked the staff and the manager, Popatey, who on my request even organized hookah smoking for me, and I was really pleased.

And speaking about meals, they’re quite the same as in any guest house, nothing special or extraordinary.


Transfer to Magoodhoo 


Daily except Tuesday. The cost is $45 one way. The travelling time is 2,5 hours. I’d recommend reserving seats in front.

Male – Magoodhoo at 13:30.

Magoodhoo – Male at 7:00.


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