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Huraa Island is situated between Himmafushi and Thulusdhoo islands. It is located just 21 km away from Male, the capital of Maldives. The population of the island is 750 people. Its size is 850 x 300 m. But let’s not talk a lot about the common things and see what can be found on the island and what to do on it.

Activities In Huraa 

There is only one café on the island, but it is generally visited by the locals. That’s why guest houses often offer ‘all inclusive’ service. It is not very convenient, I would say, because firstly, the range of dishes served there is not varied (as far as the Maldivian cuisine is concerned), and secondly, everything is quite expensive at guest houses. Here are some prices:

  • Breakfast: fried eggs or omelet with sausages, jam (tasting nothing like as home-made jam), toast, fruit, a bottle of water, juice/coffee/tea. The cost is $5.
  • Lunch or dinner: two courses (rice and pasta), fish (fried or grilled), vegetables, fruit, water, tea/coffee/juice. The cost is $10.
  • Barbecued fish – $20.
  • Barbecued lobster – $55.

In fact, the price of lobster is a bit strange, taking into account the fact that the Maldivians themselves don’t eat crabs, prawns and lobsters.


There are only 5 guest houses on the island. Besides, there are also several gift shops (the best one is Huraa Handmade Craft) and groceries.

The locals, as well as the hotel staff, always treat tourists kindly and politely. They try not to be pushy and they have not been ‘spoiled’ by the tourists so far.


By the way, the prices of souvenirs there are lower than in Male. The same difference can be seen everywhere, moreover it seems to me that many souvenirs in Male are not made by the locals but are taken from neighboring India or Bangladesh. That’s why, when buying souvenirs on local islands, it’s more likely that they’re made by local masters.


There is a specially organized bikini beach on the island. There you can swim and lie in the sun wearing bikinis (the name ‘bikini beach’ speaks for itself). When in the village, girls had better wear clothes covering their shoulders and knees. It’s also possible to go to the neighboring resorts – Club Med Kani and Four Seasons. The latter is located just 100-200 m away from Huraa.

Huraa is an ideal place for beach holidays. Moreover, there is an opportunity to go on guided tours, such as snorkeling trips or dolphin watching. The fact that the airport is located not far from the island is a big advantage.


The list of activities offered by Beach Heaven Maldives Guest House (it was only them who agreed to help and provide me with the information):

  • staying in a double room: $90-110 per night (all inclusive). Relatively cheep, I’d say, as compared to other islands;
  • snorkeling from the boat on the neighboring reef: $20;
  • night snorkeling on Huraa Reef: $15, a flashlight is included. I’ve never seen such an activity before; it’s bound to be very interesting, because at night the reef looks completely different.
  • half a day on a picnic island with barbecue: $50;
  • swimming with dolphins: $50;
  • morning, day and night fishing: $20;
  • photo safari with turtles: $35;
  • photo safari with sharks: $30;
  • hiring a catamaran: $15 per person (1 hour);
  • hiring a surfboard with an oar: $10 (2 hours) ($30 for the whole day);
  • a wetbike: $100 (1 hour);
  • surfing on Sultan’s, Ninjia, Jailbreak: $30 (2 hours), transfer included;
  • group diving: $49-64 depending on the number of people in the group;
  • diving with a personal instructor: $75;
  • a week Open Water course: $600; on completing a PADI certificate is given;
  • visiting Club Med Kani Resort: $120 (lunch and alcohol are included, as well as the transfer);
  • visiting Chaaya Island Resort Dhonveli: $120 (lunch and alcohol are included, as well as the transfer);

I’d like to point out that the prices are rather low taking into account such a variety of services. The guest house itself is pretty good, judging by reviews, and I also talked to Massimo, the representative of the guest house, who told me a lot about it.


If you decide to visit this island (and personally I’d recommend to do that) or Himmafushi, Thulusdhoo, or Diffushi, you may also consider the possibility to visit not one, but some of them, because every island has its own beauty. You’ll be able to try as many activities as you can and compare all these islands.


The route itself is as follows: Diffushi – Thulusdhoo – Huraa – Himmafushi – Male. Not bad actually, isn’t it? An ideal variant is to spend 3-4 days on each island. The distance between two neighboring islands is less than 7 km.



Transfer to Huraa 

Local ferry 

The ferry departs from Male at 14:30 every day, except for Friday. The ticket cost is $2 per person. The travelling time is 1,5 hours.

The ferry departs from Huraa at 8:00 every day, except for Friday. The ticket cost is $2 per person.

Speedboat transfer 

There are more than 12 seats on board, the travelling time is 30 minutes, and the departure time is determined by the person ordering the transfer.

The ticket cost is $160 (for the speedboat itself).

Small boat transfer 

There are seats for 2-4 people, the travelling time is 40 minutes, the departure time is determined by the person ordering the transfer.

The cost is $80 (for the boat itself). In fact, it’s a simple motorboat without sun protection. This kind of transfer is provided only by Maldives Seashine guest house.

Eacel Janubas and Massimo Caselli (from Beach Heaven Maldives Guest House) provided me with the information for this post.


What next? Check packages to Huraa or get a tailor-made tour.

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