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Honest Guraidhoo Review

This is the first Guraidhoo review and  local islands! I hope soon there will be appearing more and more of them 🙂
Many thanks to Mary for posting the review!


First Guraidhoo Review

First of all I’d like to tell you about how we spent our holidays in the Maldives, to describe our feelings and emotions:). Me and my husband were flying from Moscow with aircompany “Aeroflot”. It was a direct flight, which took 8 hours. Our destination was Guraidhoo Island.

Note: There are certain days, when Aeroflot provide their customers with very cheap flights to the Maldives and back (about $450-500 per person).

Everything went well:) There were no delays at the airport, we received our baggage and went to get the ferry to Male. In Male we decided to walk around the city, because we arrived early in the morning and the ferry to Guraidhoo was at 15:00. We bought a bunch of bananas and delicious cookies:) We were surprised at a great variety of foodstuffs in their supermarkets.

On The Way To a Dream

So we are on the ferry 🙂 Finally, we got to our island. And then we immediately got disappointed after seeing our guest house – Dacha Maldives Guest House. Nobody met us at the dock… Just imagine how strange for us it was: sand was literally everywhere, there were no roads we got used to.

We were carrying huge suitcases; the weather was really hot; we had had a long flight; we were waiting for the ferry and then travelling 4 hours to the island… And we didn’t know where exactly our guest house was! Thanks to the locals, we found our hotel 🙂 But when we came there, the doors turned out to be closed!




We met a local guy whom we asked to find at least someone from this hotel. An hour later another guy came and apologized that they’d forgotten about our coming! Is it really possible? By the way, we have made full payment in advance.

Note: Personally I have never experienced such an attitude towards the guests there, so it is, probably, the major exception.





The Guest House Left Much To Be Desired

And yes, our room was not in order. We had been waiting for our room to be cleaned for half an hour. When the cleaning was finally over, we went in and found out that the room was very small. We asked whether it was the room we had booked. The guy looked again at our reservation and agreed that we had booked a room of a better category, but this room was also not cleaned!

Waiting again… At last we had settled! And then it came to the bathroom… The trouble was that the shower wouldn’t work, and the pressure there was too low. We went to the reception again so that they fixed the problem. It turned out that they were not able to fix it, and we were offered another room, but in that room there was fungus on the walls, everything was leaking, there was a terrible musty smell, and the room was without windows!




Naturally, we did not want to stay in that room. We’d just put up with a faulty shower:(

In the evening we wanted to go for a walk, and the manager went with us. We asked him, why he went with us, and he said that his boss had told him to do so! Obviously, we didn’t expect to be supervised! He had accompanied us during our walks for three days, until we got really angry with him.

In the morning we had breakfast (it was included in the room rate): a cup of instant coffee, fried eggs (with one egg), three pieces of toast, jam, two sausages and butter.

That’s good 🙂 But! How do you think what’s next? 🙂 Intriguing, right? These portions were served both to me and my husband. But the next day they served the same dishes, but there was one sausage instead of two! By the way, the sausages were very small. I had not finished drinking my coffee, because the weather was hot. And guess what happened? The next day they decided not to serve coffee at all! The third day, one sausage was served again…

As I can do without sausages, I decided to give it to my husband so that he could eat two of them. And then the most interesting thing! The next day they brought to me just an egg! No sausages! My husband was served an egg and a sausage! Then our patience was over! We were just in shock! We came to the administrator and complained about that.

Then they began to serve an egg and two sausages again.




Our room was very dirty, I asked the staff to clean it up again, but nothing changed! The floors were very dirty; the bed linen was never changed! Moreover, it was stained and torn when we just came in there. It wasn’t even changed after the previous guests.

We asked the staff to change it, but they said it was clean (photos attached)! It was awful to sleep there! I had to sleep putting the pillow away from my face. All the things were broken, the walls were in a terrible condition, a shelf in the bathroom was broken, everything was in a mess, and the stench from the sink was disgusting! Every time we came into the room, we immediately smelt the stench!


And What About The Guraidhoo Itself?

And now I’ll tell you about something more pleasant 🙂 The beach on this island is very big and beautiful! There you can lie in the sun in a bathing suit; it is a clean white sand beach without any grass 🙂 There are usually few people on the beach, and you can reach a neighbouring uninhabited island going waist-deep in the water :)) It’s really wonderful there! You can see the waves breaking on the coral reefs!

The locals are very kind and friendly. There are a lot of shops. You can buy milk, yoghurts, cookies, and all the foodstuffs are very cheap! The prices are equal both for tourists and for residents.

Coconuts were for free 🙂 The locals helped us to open them. The water in the ocean is sky-blue 🙂 And sunsets are amazing!

Two weeks passed too fast!

Another unpleasant fact… The people there are not punctual! We wanted to go fishing; they provided us with a place on the beach available at 10am. When it was time, we came, and there was nobody on the beach. We had to wait for them for 30-40 minutes. Nobody came, and we went to the hotel. We were very angry with them. They said that there was not a boat available for us and suggested going next time! Wow, and was it really so difficult to tell us about that in advance?

The next time they were an hour late! All in all, we were taken to go fishing. Some young boys, who didn’t even know where to go, accompanied us on the boat… We did not catch anything! They offered us to go fishing at night because there’s little fish in the afternoon! We agreed, but it was just a joke! At night we also didn’t manage to catch any fish!

Note: There are plenty of fish in the Maldives, and the tourists are usually taken to go fishing either early in the morning or after sunset. Therefore guides must do their best so that the tourists could catch fish.


On the beach we met some guys, who had gone fishing, organized by their hotel, and they had caught plenty of fish! The man, who accompanied them, was an experienced fisherman. And we were accompanied by the young guys who didn’t know where to go…

Besides, we took a day trip (with lunch) on an uninhabited island. We warned the staff that the lunch should not contain spicy dishes (not spicy, not curry):) Not surprising that all the dishes they had served were extremely spicy…

The island itself was great! A huge number of Chinese people were the only inconvenience… There were crowds of them walking along the streets; they were not bathing or sunbathing, they were just yelling and making photos.

Note: In the Maldives there are really a lot of tourists from China. And yes, when they gather in groups of more than two, it’s just a nightmare! But anyway, not all of them behave like that. I had a chat with a few Chinese people, and they said that many of them did not like gathering crowds, because they themselves got annoyed at this.


In Guraidhoo there is a very good cafe with reasonable prices:) The portions there are huge, and the dishes are very tasty 🙂 We had lunch and dinner there 🙂 A photo of a burger is attached:) It was really tasty and huge 🙂

Where Are $200 And 1,000 Rubles?!

Let’s go back to the hotel. One day before our departure for Male we decided to count all our money. We had $200 to do shopping in Male, and a 1,000 rubles note for a taxi in Moscow. We put them in one of our two wallets. The money left was put into the other wallet. We put both the wallets into the suitcase and closed it.

In the evening we returned from the beach, had dinner and started packing our suitcases. When we took our wallets out of the suitcase, we got shocked! The wallet with $200 and 1,000 rubles was empty! We couldn’t believe that! When we came to the administrator, he said that we had lost them!

How could we lose them, if we had counted and locked them in the suitcase?! We called the police, and they said we should go to Male, where the police for tourists was located. And we’d got just a day before departure…

All in all, we went to bed being extremely disappointed. No one apologized to us. There was a downpour in the morning; all the hotels provided their tourists with umbrellas to reach the ferry. We were told that no umbrellas were left! We got soaked to the skin. At last we got to Male:) Certainly, we didn’t want to leave the islands, in spite of the problems with our guest house…

The Last Day In The Maldives

We spent the night before departure in a hotel in Male. It’s a great place! Its name is Tour Rest Inn. The staff was wonderful! They were greeting us with fruits (the photo attached). Breakfast was delicious (the photo attached):) The room was very clean and comfortable! Finally we got a normal shower and slept in a clean bed (photos attached) 🙂

guraidhoo review

In Male, we went to the local fish and fruit markets. We saw huge tuna fish:) We also bought some fruit there. Papaya was very sweet; we packed it and took it home 🙂

guraidhoo review


guraidhoo review

The Conclusion…

For us the Maldives will always be a paradise! But please do not stay in that hotel! This is the worst place I’ve ever seen! The staff does not respect their guests! They cheat and steal things! The name of the hotel is Dacha Maldives Guest house (Guraidhoo Island).


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