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Himmafushi island is a part of Kaafu Atoll. It is located just 17 km to the north of Male. Huraa and  Thulusdhoo local islands are situated a bit farther. The size of the island is 900 m x 750 m, and just 850 people live there. Not that many, I’d say. It is a typical local island, which can be walked round in 40 minutes even if you walk at a snail’s pace.

Himmafushi Infrastructure

There are no ATMs on the island, so make sure that you have got cash (ruffiyaas or dollars). Credit cards are accepted at guest houses, but they charge a 4% tax of the sum of money paid.

There are several groceries (for example, a large bottle of water costs just $1, fruit and vegetables – $0,1-$2) and gift shops available on the island. You can have a meal at two small restaurants; there you can try dishes of local cuisine.

Here are some prices on dishes at restaurants:

  • a large bottle of water – $1,5;
  • drinks – $1,5;
  • Lavazza coffee – $2 (coffee there is not of the best quality);
  • a burger/sandwich – $2,5;
  • noodles – $2,5 – $4;
  • rice & fish – $3 – $10.

You can also buy fish from the locals and ask to cook it at a restaurant. The prices are quite reasonable, but they want to get more money from tourists rather than from the locals, that’s why I’d recommend demanding a menu with all the prices listed.

There is a bikini beach on the island, but it’s not officially registered. I mean that, in fact, you can wear bikinis there and you won’t be punished, but the beach has not got an official status. But still, the locals don’t mind that, and you do not need to worry about that.

But you’d better not wear bikinis while walking around the island. Remember that it is a Muslim country, and we should respect local traditions and culture.

Activities on Himmafushi

There are just 6 guest houses on the island, so other tourists will hardly bother you.

Himmafushi is widely known as an ideal place for surfing. Actually, it is for this reason that tourists go there. There are no such wonderful beaches as on Thoddoo , such a stunning underwater world as on Dharavandhoo, such an active life and so many tourists as on Maafushi, but there you can enjoy surfing.

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That’s why amateurs of active holidays travel there. The most active season lasts from March, 15 till November, 15.

There is not a proper home reef near the island, but there are several great diving spots. A diving center is located on the island (JustDive Maldives), where you can find everything that is needed for diving. All in all there are 7 spots near Himmafushi, and there is even a diving spot among them, where you can dive with manta rays. I sometimes have a feeling that manta rays can be noticed literary everywhere in Maldives! But in fact they can be seen in one particular place all the time, and in other ones – only during some periods.

But still if you’re tired of surfing and you’re absolutely not interested in diving, you can set off for an excursion to neighboring resorts. There are 4 of them nearby.

Transfer To Himmafushi


The cost is $220, the travelling time is 20 minutes. This kind of transfer is organized on request at your guest house.

Local ferry 

The Himmafushi ferry departs from Vilingili ferry terminal:

Male– Himmafushi:

Every day at 14:30, except Friday.

Thursday – at 22:30.

Himmafushi– Male:

Every day at 08:00, except Friday.

Thursday – at 18:00.

Guest houses’ representatives usually meet you at the airport and escort you to Himmafushi, but you’d better consult managers for further information.



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