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Geographically quite detached Fulhadhoo still belongs to Baa Atoll. It’s about 100 km far from the capital. Fehendhoo and Goidhoo are situated next to Fulhadhoo. Being remote from the main tourist islands these places are truly wild.

Fulhadhoo Beach

The beach is a gem of Fulhadhoo. It’s almost 1 km in length! It’s really unique for inhabited islands. The depth of the sea increases gradually here. The edge of the house reef is rather far and is about 800 m.


The beach is equipped with some sun beds where you can enjoy the island with comfort. Although the lounges seem to belong to the guest houses, but anyone may use them.




To the west of the island you may find a beautiful house reef which is best to explore during the low tide. However you should keep in mind that the current might be rather strong. One of five sandbanks of this area is about 50 m behind the reef. (you can also visit a private uninhabited island which you can visit with a permission only paying some money).




The house reef is rather huge and what is more important – it’s alive! You can spend from 3 to 4 days to explore it.




This sandbank I was able to reach by walking although it’s better to do during the low tide. So that you’ll need to pass the above-mentioned reef. The way itself is about 400-500 m and again the current is strong here. If you wish you can also try to reach another sandbank. But as high tide had been started I didn’t take the risk.




On the East part of the island you can also find a beach but it’s mostly for locals. They used to reach nearby Goidhoo by walking when there were no speedboats in a past. I belive it’s really possible because the water is shallow in many places here.


The island has a constant population of 100-150 inhabitants. The island doesn’t have any typical jetty for speedboats and larger boats so if the locals need to go somewhere they would take a small dingy to Goidhoo and then a speedboat.


Crossing the ocean from Goidhoo to Fulhadhoo I saw one manta ray and a turtle. So there are a lot of sea creators.

Only one cafe at the guest house and several shops make up the night entertainment that the island offer.


I have no idea where these birds come from because these are uncommon in Maldives.

Fulhadhoo has 4 guest houses so even in a festive season it’s more than enough. It’s not like in Thodhoo or Rasdhoo where during high season beach become crowdy.

Talking about litter, if there is any, it’s mostly in the jungle and in the eastern part of the island.


To sum it up, such island will suit to those who value white sand beaches, privacy and pure beauty of the wild Maldives.

Hurry up because very soon the situation may change.



Mon 9am and 1pm
Tue 9am
Wed 12 noon
Thu 9am and 1pm
Sat 9am and 1pm
Sun 9am

Mon 8am and 1:30pm
Tue 1:30pm
Wed 8am
Thu 8am and 1:30pm
Sat 8am and 1:30pm
Sun 1:30pm

The price is $45 per person one way.

Other options include a transfer through Daravandhoo with a private speedboat which is $200 plus.

What next? Check packages to Fulhadhoo or get a tailor-made tour.


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