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Dhiffushi is a part of Kaafu Atoll. It is located 36,6 km northeast of Male, the capital of Maldives. Another inhabited island of Thulusdhoo is situated just 8 km south of Dhiffushi. The island itself is small (just like the majority of inhabited islands); its size is 950 m x 200 m. Approximately 1200 people live in this little paradise. More and more locals are getting engaged in travel industry, but fishing still remains one of their major activities.

Beach and tourists in Dhiffushi

More and more guest houses are opening in Dhiffushi, however the tourists don’t visit it so much. At the moment there are 13 of them and the number of tourists has also increased.

Diffushi has two bikini beaches, one next to Rashu Hiya Hotel, the second on the opposite side of the island.




The first beach has rather a good entry to the water and the sand is nice. But the channel leading to the deck is at about ten meters so you should be careful with the approaching boats. Each guest house owns its lounge chairs and umbrellas. The lengh of this beach is around 50-70 m only.


The beach is cleaned by two guest houses. However they don’t surround it with a fence and the locals can also come to the beach. You may sunbath in bikini on this beach (but there are still signs prohibiting that). The locals who use the beach are very tolerant with this rule. Mostly it’s so because they’re young and they don’t follow the old traditions.

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The beach itself is very clean, the sand is just perfectly snow-white, water, like fresh milk: 28-30 degrees all day and night, the depth ocean begins quite far away from the beach.

dhiffushi ray

After sunset, a searchlight is turned on, which attracts the rays, small sharks and fish. Here is a night show you can observe!

Small white crabs are running on the beach everywhere, which do not bite, but it’s very difficult to catch them!

The second beach is in the southwestern part of the island. Not so clean, compared to the first, but still quite tolerable for recreation.

The territory behind the beach is not so clean and you may pop onto a plastic bottle brought by the ocean.

As you can see it on the photo you have to go a little bit to the left to swim in the clean water. It’s a very acute problem especially during the low tide. The monsoon brings all the litter on this side of the beach.


You may have found a shade under the tent and take a rest on a lounge chair, there’re plenty on the beach. They say the beach will be cleaned more regularly and I honestly believe it’s really going to happen.




There’s no litter in the streets because it’s clear for everybody that each citizen takes care of the territory in front of his house.

Rather a nice sandspit which is good for snorkeling for the diversity of the reef is located on the south part of the beach.



There you may also see a sandbank which vanishes a little during the high tide.


There is sandbank that you can see depends on the tide level.

The locals 

I will speak about the locals and the Maldivians separately. In general they are rather friendly people although being quite intrusive. They enjoy talking so much about their island and they want to learn your story also. And what is impressive most of them speak very good English.

On Dhiffushi I met a former diver who became an instructor in water sport centre.

Cons – sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of such an interlocutor. Perhaps, this character is common among people in that region  (Maldives, India, Sri Lanka).



Prons – the service they have even in inexpensive hotels is just at the highest level. They are ready to do everything for the guest to make him happy with a smile. And this comes from the heart!



There are few shops on the island (several groceries and gift shops), there is no ATM, and even no chemist’s. There is “a guy” on the island, who has some pharmaceutical drugs, and if you need something, you should call him and ask for it. In case of emergency you’ll have to go to Male. That’s why make sure that you have taken everything you need with you in advance. Unlike hotels, in local shops only MVR are accepted, and only in cash. Similar restrictions are common not to all the islands.

But on the advantage, a bottle of water (1,5 liters) cost there 7 rufiyaas, and in the hotel the same bottle cost $2. It’s important to come when a shop is open. They usually from 11 to 15.00, but it’s not necessarily the case. They may close earlier, and may work till 18.00. In this case they usually leave their telephone numbers, and you may call them if you have no time to wait.


There you can buy water and some foodstuffs (sweets, potato chips, etc). There are also 2 cafes: Dream Corner and Cozy Café, where you can try local cuisine at affordable prices.

Things to do in Dhiffushi

On Dhiffushi you will find more of a beach holiday with children, because it does not provide so many opportunities for active pastime. However you may visit Meeru Island Resort & Spa Resort which is not so far. The cost of such trip is $50 per person (although not all the guest houses provide this opportunity). This island is 200 meters from the beach but you cannot reach it if you’d try to swim there because the security will not allow you to do this.


Although I was told about two crazy girls from Russia managed to swim to this resort, walked around and came back. You may also try to swim there on a kayak.

Two dive centers are situated on the island. The prices are rather high there in comparison with other islands. This island is not suitable for divers.

Besides all this you will get the opportunity to enjoy two water sport centers with its water scooters, surfing, windsurfing, kayaks and other stuff. It’s quite a good location: it’s deep and there’s not so much corals.


Transfer to Dhiffushi



Daily except Fridays at 14:30 from Vilingili terminal. Duration about 2 hrs 45 mins.

Dhiffushi – Male

Daily except Fridays at 6:30. Duration about 2 hrs 45 mins.

Many thanks to Olga Smirnova for the review and photos provided.

Scheduled speedboat

Daily, except Friday at 16:30 from Male

At 7:00 am from Dhiffushi, 3 times per day

Price is 25$ per way per person


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