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пляж диффуши

Dhiffushi review

diffushi review

Thanks a lot to Anastasia Troitskaya for providing this review!

We were staying on Dhiffushi at Rashu Hiyaa hotel. The island is small, but very nice. The hotel is perfect. It’s very beautiful and spacious, the interior is unusual. We were staying in room 204 overlooking the beach. They served various delicious dishes. We were eating only in our hotel (breakfast and dinner).

dhiffushi review

The chef there was especially good at cooking meat and salads. Everything was fresh and just melted in your mouth. Breakfast was included, but we had to pay for dinner. The average dinner price for two of us was approximately $30-35, but besides we also ordered fresh juices ($4 each) and fruit salads ($7 each) every day. They also charge 12% for their service.

The hotel area is small, but very clean and comfortable. There is a small beautiful well-kept garden with swings, hammocks, and small tables near the hotel about 5 meters away from it. To the left the beach with sun loungers is situated.

We went on two excursions. We experienced night fishing (17.00 – 20.00). We managed to catch lots of fish. Then we asked to grill it with vegetables and laid the table near the beach.

We also visited Sand Bank, and it was great! It was as if I came to be in a place from a beautiful picture. It completely met my expectations. Wonderful place!

And the most stunning trip was snorkeling trip. We were taken to the places that were just thrilling! Border between deep and shallow waters! It was the first time when I experienced this! We were accompanied by Rashid. He is a very attentive and experienced instructor. He showed us everything, he was guiding us, and he also collected a tinful of magnificent shells for me).

Excursions cost $25 per person. On the whole we paid $61 for two of us, the service included. Rather expensive, but it is worth it).

By the way, when on night fishing, we also came across a dolphin shoal. So I can say that we were on four excursions).

It’s very difficult to get to Dhiffushi. It takes 3 hours by ferry. We were getting back by speedboat, $25 per person, because we were getting late for our flight.

Speaking about the island itself, the hotel neighboring area is clean and well-kept, the staff try to keep it in order, the beaches are also clean.

But when you go to the other end of the island, where a sandbar is located, there are lots of bottles, plastic bags, and other litter. From time to time it is burnt there, but still there is plenty of litter. Looks like a landfill site. But if we forget about that, water there is wonderful. Clean, turquoise and always warm, even at night!

We managed to see manta rays, sharks, crabs, and lizards.

Sharks and manta rays can be found on the coast at night. I was also able to feed them with the assistance of a member of the hotel staff, Latif. And by day, when we were swimming by the sandbar, manta rays and small sharks were swimming near us.

There are few shops on the island. We visited 2 of them. They are simple small shops where drinks and some food are sold. There we sometimes bought only water. There are some cafes, but there only the locals go. I can say that tourists can hardly be seen there.

Perhaps, the most notable place near the island is the neighboring resort). It is located 200 m away from dhiffushi. It’s called Meerufenfushi.


Our hotel offered us an excursion there. But it’s very expensive. For $160 we are transferred there, are given food, drinks, and alcohol. And we’re allowed to walk only along the beach. You’re not supposed to get farther into the island. All in all, I suppose they expected us to pay and to feel as if we’re chickens in an oven). And it was from 9.00 till 18.00.

The locals are very kind and welcoming.

To tell the truth, we did not actually understand who the owner of the hotel was. But the staff and administrators are very polite, service-minded and are always ready to hear you and help.

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