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Customer Reviews

A nice trip to Thinadhoo

It’s a week since we’re home but the emotions are still bright so I’ve decided to take some time to say thanks to Alexander and his blog for being so helpful for us. This was our honeymoon trip and we’ve decided that it should be something exotic. So we stopped on Maldives. Everyone knows it’s a luxury and costly holiday but there’s a way to save money here too and the name for these are guest houses. They are some kind of cheaper hotels in comparison to luxury resorts. But in terms of the scenery it’s still Maldives islands. And we were lucky enough to enjoy all that Maldives has – the turquoise ocean and white sandy beach. We did plenty of snorkeling – it’s impossible to stay away from underwater wonders. And as for activities we also did a trip to a picnic island where we stopped by to do some more snorkeling and had lunch in the most romantic surroundings. And here we are, very pleased and happy, looking forward to our next destination which is probably be Maldives again.

Ana Halko, Finland.


Azalea diving

Here’s my full review on liveaboard diving with Azalea cruise. It’s been a wonderful trip but let me describe it in some details. My wife and I are quite divers I would say and for our holiday we’ve came across this interesting concept of diving while sailing so that means living exactly from one dive to another on a luxury cruise ship! And here I’d like say thank you Alex for suggesting us Azalea Cruise Liveaboard, it’s never been a regret. For the room we’ve chosen Master Suite because we were quite worried about the sizes of the accommodation – it’s a ship and we didn’t want to be stressed out because we’re on holiday. But it appeared that most of the time we spent outdoors either suntanning on its numerous decks, dining or relaxing in the lounge areas and of course the time spent for diving is the best! We’ve seen so many celebrated diving spots and all the time it was new impressions, new memorable adventures and of course the reef and the sea life is just superb. What concerns about the staff – all the instructors were very knowledgeable, experienced and very helpful. also great thanks to the chefs and the waitresses who were always eager to help on choosing the best match of wine and Maldivian speciates. The only slight disappointment was probably with the equipment, it was a bit used but all in all it is still perfect quality and there was no problems with it at all. So glad that we did this trip, it was a great value for the money.

Jeffrey Stockman, USA


Сatamaran adventure

We’ve just arrived back home and I wanted to express all the emotions before they calm down. This trip was truly wonderful – from the very beginning until the end. It’s been like a long breath and we wanted the time to stop. First of all I need to mention we had some doubts about spending a vacay sailing but we are so much into snorkeling and Maldives appear to be just the right place for this. Its marine life is fantastic, we saw mantas, lion fish, different tropical fish of all possible colors and even a small octopus! And that’s not all, on our last day we did big game fishing and caught a gigantic barracuda which we had barbecued later on for dinner! If you worry It’s all in the sea and you don’t have a seas sickness – do this trip as believe me you will never get bored at all due to active and diverse pastime. Suntanning on a sundeck, snorkeling along the reef, gazing the stars with a glass of wine during the night – all this romantic moments made our trip the most memorable experience ever. So I’d love to thank Alex for his personal assistance. All that he explained was exactly to the matter.

Oliver Deloy, Australia


Finolhu experience

We are so happy! This was the best family holiday ever. For our destination we have chosen Finolhu. This is a fantastic resort if not the best, very chic and sophisticated. But we were having so much doubts which resort is more suitable for our honeymoon – I’m a bit of a perfectionist and this is such a special time for us so we wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. And this blog came in handy for us, although we did a lot of research it still was quite unclear about all the amenities and activities but then I’d love to thank Alex for his helpfulness in this question. He gave the answers to all our questions and helped to reserve the best transportation for the most reasonable price. We flied to Dharavandhoo and then took a speedboat to our destination and yes I completely recommend to do this except of a simple seaplane ride because in this way you get the opportunity to visit another island which is also worth seeing. All in all Maldives is a dreamy location for a romantic getaway and we are such visional people so a nice picture is a must when we travel. And Maldives you will never forget how beautiful this country is, every single second of being here is thrilling with its perfection. As for the room type we recommend the Ocean Pool Villas facing the lagoon and providing the most spectacular sunsets you could imagine. Anyway, you will never go wrong with any overwater accommodation in Maldives – it’s impressive for its uniqueness.

Miko Harioto, Japan


Отдых на Тодду

Добрый день, Александр! Большое Вам спасибо за организованный отдых! Нам все понравилось. Остров отличный, на 100% подходит семьям с детьми, где то 95% отдыхающих русские. Очень много магазинов, ресторанов. Кстати, они делают второй бикини бич, вход конечно жесть, но все равно, ВТОРОЙ)) не единственный) Гест нам тоже понравился, первую ночь мы были в другом гесте, не хуже, а затем нас переселили в наши комнаты. Единственно что нам не понравилось так это сухая рыба, которую подавали на обед несколько раз. Она была абсолютно нежевабельна. Все остальное просто волшебно. Адам подарил нам незабываемые эмоции при выезде на пикник айленд, за что ему огромное спасибо) Подруге, которая не поехала с нами, я уже все Ваши контакты передала) она тоже через Вас туда поеде) С уважением, Лаура

Laura Miquilina Correia, Russia


Amazing holiday in Thoddoo Retreat

I would like to say big thank you to Alex, who helped me with accomodation in Maldives. We spent one week in Thoddoo. Thoddoo and especially Thoddoo Retreat guest house was the best choice for my family. Alex is really helpfull and kind person, always answering my questions aboout Maldives. The accomodation was really good, clean rooms with bathrooms and well working air conditioning.Breakfatsts and dinner were tasty and fresh everyday. Owner of this guest house is also great, he showed us things which we have never seen before – like plankton, mantas and toher. Thank you so much Alex for this experience.

Miroslava Kultánová, Czech Republic


Kanuhura Resort

Словами не передать, как мы довольны тому, как мы провели наш отпуск в Kanuhura Island Resort. Это самое прекрасное место на земле, белоснежно белый песок, вода красивейшего бирюзового оттенка. Мы выбрали Beach Villa, что расположена в глубине пальм и густой растительности острова. Из специальной лаундж зоны в аэропорту вплоть до прощания с резортом, сервис был просто на уровне! Замечательный персонал, очень заботливый и учтивый. На территории 5 ресторанов, качество еды ну просто отменное, даже искушенным будет из чего выбрать. Очень понравилась зона спа, хотя мне показалось там слишком завышены цены на некоторые услуги. Хотелось бы выразить огромную благодарность Budget Maldives и, в частности, Адександру за помощь при выборе резорта. В итоге мы получили идеальное соотношение цены и качества и безмерно счастливы!

Юлия Нестерова, Россия


Staying in Guraidhoo

Hi Alex. Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog and also suggesting Ithaa beach Maldives. It was a memorable trip for the entire family. We had a fabulous time. Looking forward to doing more trips in Maldives to different islands. Once again Thank you.

Zain Abbas Vakil, India


My Holidays In Rasdhoo

Hi Alex, the stay was really great, we enjoyed it a lot. Shallow Lagoon was really a very nice guest house, very clean and quiet. Thank you for that. We really loved spending time on Madivary Finolhu, it was truly amazing, I’ve never seen such blue colours in my life. On the other hand we have experienced also the local hospital, because my fiancee got some kind of allergy and she had blisters all over her forearms. We visited the doctor at the hospital and he was really nice and prescribed her some medicine which cured the allergy. Our stay continued to Huraa island. We booked Maldives Seashine guesthouse and it was really a disaster. I’ve never seen such a dope, it couldn’t be compared to Shallow Lagoon at all. Everything was covered in dust and smelled pretty badly. So we told the manager that we wanna cancel it and we immediately booked Pearl Sands of Maldives hotel. And our vacation on Huraa finally started. This hotel was a bit pricey but it was worth every penny. Thanks again for all you recommendation and help. We had a great time! Sincerely, Adam Studenic

Adam Studenic, Poland


Diving In Rasdhoo 2018

Rasdhoo was amazing and the diving experience as well! Thank you so much for all your help and helping me planning this trip! I loved everything about it! The people there were so kind. I could just decide whenever I wanted to go diving and the dive sites were only minutes away! It was my last stop on my 5 month long journey and I definitely stopped on top ?? The only (little) bad thing was the time schedule with the flight and the boats. The boats are departing from Rasdhoo 7.30am and 2pm on Fridays. I booked the flight back to Sri Lanka at 3.25pm because you told me to, but it meant that I had a lot of hours to kill in the airport from 8.30am to 3.25pm ? But otherwise everything was absolutely perfect! ??

Emilie Vinter Bisgaard, Argentina


Maldives vacation

Hello I would like to say thank you to Alex and all the staff from thoddos, male who made my vacation so unique Maldives is the place to be if you want close to paradise Ready to come back again Miguelangel

Miguel Angel, USA


Незабываемый отдых

Хотелось бы поделиться невероятными впечатлениями о нашем отдыхе на резорте Cinnamon Dhonveli, а также всем посоветовать, если вы все еще не можете решиться, стоит ли ехать на Мальдивы, то не думайте, а просто отправьтесь уже наконец! Обратите внимание на самые важные для вас моменты, проанализируйте, что является самым необходимым и рассмотрите варианты в вашей категории. Нам очень помог в этом Александр, мы долго сомневались, но Аксандр поделился с нами всей необходимой информацией по волнующим для нас вопросам, и в итоге мы пришли к нашему идеальному выбору. Мы знали, что мы получим и резорт оправдал свои ожидания: отличный сноркелинг, потрясающая флора и фауна, тактичный персонал, вкусная пища, безупречная уборка номеров.. и еще много остальных положительных моментов. Да и в целом атмосфера на острове полностью располагает к идиллическому времяпрепровождению, что для нас было основополагающим моментом. Очень остались довольны, спасибо!

Виктор и Инесса, Украина


Rasdhoo diving is Nov 2017

when we decided to go to the Maldives on a budget, I was so relieved to have found Alex’s website. it was exactly what I needed to decide which island to go to. the info given is accurate and up to date, so perfect to plan our vacations. once I was in contact with Alex to book things, I realised that he was offering great deals by combining lodging, diving, excursions, transport… and I really appreciated his advice on what to do, as well as not having to worry about a thing once there. we went to Rasdhoo island, stayed at Rasdhoo lagoon and dove with rasdhoo scuba. nothing bad to say about any of those places. friendly people, reasonable prices, and very professional people. I would definitely go back and try another island next, and even though I am a big travel planner, next time, i will go again through Alex to plan our trip. Thank you Alex

Claire Mollereau, Netherland


Как на картинке

Александр,здравствуйте! Как раз планировала вам написать,очень долгая дорога домой была! Но скажу с полной уверенностью – оно того стоило!!! Спасибо вам огромное за помощь в организации! Ну и поделюсь немного впечатлениями) В первую очередь отмечу,что идеальным вариантом было посетить первым Тодду,потому что пляж и море там просто божественные! И именно это место стало нашим первым впечатлением от Мальдив! Уже потом мы поняли,что если бы мы оказались на первом острове на Расду,то это было бы небольшое разочарование,потому что пляж там,скажем честно,не очень… Зато гест на Расду (Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo) нам понравился больше всех из трёх в плане комфорта и обстановки! Все развлечения испытали в первые 3 дня на Тодду и оставшиеся дни просто уже балдели на пляже! Абдулла (Thoddoo Retreat) и его команда молодцы,организовали для нас шикарные развлечения,отличная команда! В целом,эмоции и впечатления-да, Мальдивы они прям такие как на картинках в журналах ? Поэтому вам ещё раз огромная благодарность!

Александра Шумкина, Россия


Carpe Vita Liveaboard

Glad to say we’ve spent a wonderful week full of joy and relaxition together with Carpe Vita Liveaboard. Good job Alex, it was our first liveaboard experience and it’s been incredible! We’re so thankful to the choice we’ve come up with. As to say first we were not quite sure if that’s a holiday for us, it sounds more like an adventure but all in all it’s been so relaxed and chilled so that we could not think of anything better for these days. Carpe Vita boat is very large and the rooms are so spacious, the sundecks are quite spacious as well. There is a nice place to relax and get some tan after hours in water. It’s very comfortable and the staff are very pleasant and attentive. They made everything for our holiday to be a fantastic time. The food was very good too, out gratitude to the chef!  What concerns the actual purpose of the liveaboard holiday I’d say Maldives is the right place for such a trip. It’s marine life is amazing, we saw lots of mantas, whale sharks, other sharks, small and gigantic fishes and turtles of course, and the reefs are very diverse and colorful. So impressed.. very recommend and gonna enjoy it one more time for sure!

Max and Holly, UK


Faarufusi Maldives WOW!!

Hi everyone wondering! We had a truly chilled week on Faarufusi Maldives resort.

We got an ocean villa with a pool, because that’s what you go for if you travel to Maldives. So this was a must for us. And we got the best villa that we could ever imagine. The view from it .. that’s something you would never think about until you see. It’s like these picture perfect location from every angle, I was so glad ahah it’s completely impossible to take a bad instagram picture. What concerns the facilities, the island has quite a nice selection of restaurants, the locations of all are stunning. Isn’t that what you go here for? And the most happy moment is that this beauty does match with the taste. Because lots of times at various resorts (and trust me, we visited a bunch) we came across a very beautifully served dish but its was just plain, so I know what I’m saying. And this place is worth every penny spent, so we have nothing to regret of. Although maybe I would include quite a long transfer into the negative side of the trip, but I actually have no words to blame it because everything was perfectly planned for us and we didn’t have to wait longer than it was supposed to be. So on the overall we’re more than happy and thankful for Alex’s advice and help and would love to share this experience with everyone.

Ana Lee, Singapore


Real Luxury Experience

My husband and I visited Gangehi this August, found out the best deal with Budget Maldives so I would like to leave some notes about my trip here.

In general, I liked it very much: white sand beaches, responsive staff, decent cuisine. Maldives is now my dreamy place that I would never forget. I really highly recommend visiting these islands at least once, believe me you’d never regret.

With all that said I’d like to mention some moments that you should pay attention to if you’re choosing the resort. Gangehi is a place which is great for more active people who appreciate nightlife, so think beforehand if you’re seeking for more of a quite family holiday. It’s quite a strong audibility in the rooms next to the club, but that was solved easily and we were upgraded to the beach villa. The snorkeling here is great. The vast majority of corals are not that colourful, although there are quite a lot of fish of all possible sizes and varieties! Good to mention, the island has a picturesque sand bar which is ideal for instagram 😉

Th spa is cosy and provides really great massages and treatments. The room service is absolutely invisible  – perfect cleanliness and all sorts of little things such as sense sticks and fragrant herbal soap in the bathroom. So I would rate this holiday as 9 out of 10.

Helen Schultz, Germany


Ayada Maldives

So we stayed at Ayada Maldives Resort. That was our honeymoon and we wanted something really special. And this website came in handy just as we needed. We contacted Alexander and he was extremely helpful and finally we decided on beautiful Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. This resort is in the absolute middle of nowhere! Although getting there involves quite a long time, that’s been just what we wanted – an absolute secluded getaway. The landscape design of the island is fantastic, all buildings are neat and are made out of very good materials as for the outside so as for the inside. Everything looks luxurious and well-maintained. They tried to preserve nature as much as possible, so that walking through this lush vegetation is such a pleasure. The reef is excellent and snorkeling conditions are just great. The room service is flawless and the butler service is just top notch. We spent the best honeymoon that we could even imagine. Thanks once again!

Olav Pedersen, Norway


Small paradise

How lucky we are to have spent the most wonderful time in Maldives. Sad to say we’re living right now so I wanted to thank everyone involved in a holiday of our dreams. First of all thank you, Alex, for clearing out doubts about this island – the kids are so happy with snorkeling and we could not imagine a better and diverse marine life than it is on Angaga: napoleon fish, eagle rays, nurse sharks, and of course turtles. There’re plenty of activities on the island too such as table tennis and darts. My wife was quite pleased with some spa treatments and on the whole the holiday appeared to be very relaxive and naturebound. So if you want something this chilled – this is the best place for it. The food is great, the Sunset bar has an unbelievable view over the lagoon and here you may meet sunsets with some cocktails in a very relaxive atmosphere. Sometimes live music is played so it’s up to you to decide what resort to choose but since this holiday I believe I’m quiet biased and want to come back very soon.

Chris Sentel, Canada

Sun Island Resort – мечты сбываются!

Прежде всего хотелось бы выразить особую благодарность за превосходную организацию нашего отдыха. С удовольствием буду рекомендовать близким этот  сайт. А касательно отдыха хотелось бы отметить прекрасное расположение, абсолютное единение с природой. Отель относительно простой, без наворотов и напыщенного роскошества, однако номера комфортные и абсолютно отвечают своему классу. Это собственно я и ожидала, спасибо большое вам, Александр, за предоставленную информацию. Все предельно понятно и доходчиво объяснил, что не осталось ни толики сомнения о том, куда я попаду и как. Отдыхом очень довольна, ведь сноркелинг тут ну просто потрясающий, да и пляж просто изумительный. Кормят вкусно, очень разнообразная еда в ресторане, не было не разу чтобы что-нибудь повторялось. Отдых удался на славу, привезла с массой эмоций и впечатлений и море фотографий, конечно же, хватит до следующего года, а уж сюда я точно вернусь.

Ирина, Россия


Guest house in Maafushi

I’d like to express my best emotions about this place. That seems it’s just impossible to ramble about everything we liked as far as we were so impressed especially with the service provided. To tell the truth we did not expect anything like that while we were considering several alternatives. And we’re very thankful to Alexander as it was he who suggested us this very hotel. There’s also one more guest house on Maafushi island but I’m glad that we chose Triton. It’s very nice, the reception is very modern, the staff is super friendly, everything is new, clean, nice and stylish. What a cool pool area the guest house has! The restaurant serves excellent breakfast with enough options to cater for all tastes. We are so happy that we took the half day trip to sand bank so we highly recommend it since we enjoyed it so much. The island is gorgeous and very authentic, the a bikini beach is so nearby so that’s quite nice.

Franceska Subrone, Italy


Will come back

Alexander was very, very helpful! I emailed him my Maldivian Island itinerary and asked his advise on how to get to the Islands I was trying to visit. He pointed me to the right direction and fortunately, two of the 5 Islands I want to visit have been reviewed by him! I’m very happy I stumbled on his website. Looking forward to an awesome vacation now 🙂

Stacey, Bulgaria


Полезная Информация!

Спасибо Александру за блог, сложно найти достоверную информацию в интернете. А посоветоваться с русскоговорящим человеком, который непосредственно находится на Мальдивах – большая удача! Очень отзывчивый и терпеливо отвечает на любые вопросы связанные с поездкой. Если хотите экономно и качественно слетать на райские острова – изучите рекомендации:)

Екатерина, Russia


Чудесный Блог Для Тех, Кто Хочет Узнать Как Можно Больше О Реальной Жизни/Отдыхе На Мальдивах

Огромная благодарность автору за столь свежую и полезную информацию о жизни и вариантах бюджетного отдыха на островах. Блог постоянно обновляется и интересно улышать мнение человека, который на данный момент непосредственно находится там и может помочь и рассказать о Мальдивах с первых уст и как оно есть на самом деле. Спасибо!

Elena, Ukrain



Большое спасибо за информацию по островам, очень помогла при составлении самостоятельного путешествия. Паром Расду -Укулхас сейчас изменился, одним днем туда сейчас не скататься, уточняйте у местных. На Тодду делают душ и wc на пляже, через полгода-год там будет вообще супер. Кафе к сожалению на пляже нет, но можно заказать еду с доставкой на пляж из геста. Лично мне местная еда так себе, но в гестах обычно есть кухня, можно готовить, если особые пожелания к личному питанию. Средства от комаров не берите с собой, купите местные, стоят доллар и помогают, наши не действуют. Море супер, пляж Тодду идеален, на Расду на пляже делать нечего, но хороший дайв и поездки на пикник-айленды лучше оттуда

Maria, Russia


Very Helpful !

Alex help me and my husband to spend good honey moon. He help me with the choice of islands and he also help us when we lost our flight to France.You can trust him, he is a very kind person. Alex know every things about Maldives he can give you a lot of good advice.thank you again Alex !Marie and Francois from Paris

Marie, France


Choosing Islands

If you going to Maldives on a budget you need to know a lot before you come. I am very grateful that I found Alex’s website where there is a great deal of info about each island – restaurants & ATM’s, where to stay and what to do. I needed more info about the ferry so I contacted Alex via email. He responded very quicky, was helpful and very kind. Thank you Alex.

Jitka. Slovenia


Второй Раз

Я впервые воспользовалась услугами Budget Maldives в июне 16г, когда искала вариант съездить на Мальдивы для дайвинга относительно бюджетно. Очень рада, что взяла пакет, предложенный Александром Хорошевичем, в отель Плюмерия, все, что было обещано было выполнено, без всяких доплат и разводок. Единственная шероховатость – меня не сразу нашли на причале ответственные за трансфер, понервничала, но, на самом деле, сама виновата, надо было заранее взять номера телефонов. В феврале летим опять, теперь втроем, и надеемся, что все будет не хуже. Услуги Budget Maldives рекомендую. Светлана

Светлана, Russia


Помощь с отелем

Решили первый раз самостоятельно съездить в путешествие. Просмотрено было много интересных сайтов про Мальдивы (и этот в том числе). Александр помог с одним из отелей. Честно говоря, было немного страшно с переводить деньги незнакомому человеку. Но все было замечательно. В отеле нас ждали, встретили на причале, было всё замечательно. Спасибо.

Вера, Russia


Amazing Staying

I just wanted to thank you for everything one last time. We had an amazing time in the Maldives much thanks to your help. Thomas and Tria

Thomas, Estonia


Отдых В Июне 2017

Доброй ночи! Александр, хотелось поблагодарить Вас, за помощь в организации отдыха! Все было очень здорово!! Будем с удовольствием рекомендовать Вас нашим друзьям и товарищам! Еще раз большое, спасибо! С уважением, Александр и Анна.

Александр И Анна


Excellent Experience

When I discovered Alexander’s page, it presented totally new world for me: budget Maldives! And not only that he shares his experience, he also gives advice about things that I probably wouldn’t think about. We decided to stay on Rasdhoo, small island, but at a very short distance from the airport (which is important) and with its own home coral reef (as Alexander describes it on his page). He provided the transfer for us and accomodation for a good price. It was really enjoyable experience, which I would like to repeat as soon as possible! Thank you very much for everyhting! Anja

Anja, Spain


Как Дома

Александр, добрый день!Спасибо вам за нужные советы, отдых был выше всяких похвал.Без лишней лирики: понравилось все. Для детей Гаре стал близким, как дедушка. Плакали, когда уезжали.Невероятно уютный, замечательный гостевой дом. Еда – до отвалу, под конец мы боялись их обидеть, просили подавать чуть меньше, уже не могли все, что подавали, осилить. Не только Гаре, весь персонал, на каждом шагу оказывали любую помощь в любом вопросе. Сипе постоянно с нами плавал на сноркелинг 🙂 показал все окрестности. Нарыбачились. Не хотелось уезжать.Чуть позже я напишу свой отзыв на TripAdvisor.Остров чистый, везде строятся гостевые дома, но стройки идут так тихо и чисто, что этого даже незаметно.Пляж хороший. После сильного ветра на пляже может появится битое стекло от бутылок, но думаю, это скорее прибоем прибивает мусор и разбивает о рифы (но его быстро убирают)… поэтому нужно быть осторожным не только из-за кораллов.Очень хочется прилететь еще раз.С уважением,Екатерина

Екатерина, Russia


Dharavandhoo Experience

Hi Alex, We are now back home. We loved our stay in Dharavandhoo! The guest house (Hanifaru Inn) was great: nice and clean room, excellent service, everyone was extremely nice and helpful. We ended up having most of our meals there, and the food was very tasty. Ahmed was also a star. He took good care of us and was always available for any question or to help us organise everything. there was nothing that we disliked. We realised that eating out wasn’t really an option (only 2 not-so-great restaurants), so ended up with full board, but that was totally fine and food always delicious. We really liked staying in a local island, and the diving and the snorkling were extraordinary. We did the diving with Dharavandhoo divers, and they were proffessional and had a nice boat. My friend had a little incident (mild decompression sickness, undeserved), so she was only able to do 2 dives, which was a shame. But, other than that, all was good. We ended up staying the last 3 days in Kihaa resort, which was very nice. Thanks so much for helping us organise all this. We absolutely loved it. Best regards Isa

Isabel Rodriguez Lopez, Brazil


Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo

Hey Alex, We are very good. We are now traveling in Sri Lanka. Our stay is Rasdhoo was perfect. We fell in love with that Island. We loved everything about it! Shallow lagoon was also perfect. The accomodation was beautiful , the room was perfect, we loved the little garden and the sitting area. Most of all we loved the staff there. They where great! Everything was plannend perfectly and they where super friendly. We had a perfect week there! We would recommend this Island and esspecialy shallow lagoon to everybody! We had a dream vacation. Thank you! Fioralba and Fatima Zzahra

Fioralba And Fatima Zzahra, UAE


Hammerheads At Rasdhoo In September

Hi Alex,Just wanted to say thank you for the information and booking advice. Our trip went very well and we had a great time.The room at Shallow Lagoon was very nice and most people were very friendly. The only problem was the butler (Garre?) was asking too many questions and wanted to know what we were doing and where we were going even after we told him we would let him know if we needed anything. Maybe he was bored because there was no one else staying there. Anyway we didn’t feel comfortable when he was at the hotel. But the other people who work there were excellent.For diving, we went with Rasdhoo Scuba (5 dives) and with Rasdhoo Dive Club (3 dives) so I can compare the service from the two. People at both dive centres were very helpful, friendly and competent dive masters. The main difference is that Rasdhoo Scuba offers better quality but at a higher price. The equipment is in a slightly better condition. Also Simon at Rasdhoo Scuba insists on only doing good dives while Rasdhoo Dive Club will still take you diving if the conditions are not good for diving. Off course if you have very little time and really want to dive in Rasdhoo then maybe the Rasdhoo Dive Club is a better option (or only option).Take care!Tertius

Tertius Greyling, Hungary


Ukulhas Inn

Спасибо большое за отличную организацию, везде все четко и без заминок. Нам все понравилось, только по вечерам ,как стемнеет, на острове немного скучновато, делать практически нечего, но это, на сколько я понимаю, специфика Мальдивских островов.Спасибо еще раз

Dmytro Gnatyk, Ukrain


Diving In Rasdhoo

We had a great holiday, thank you very much! Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo is a beautiful place to stay, the staff was super attentive and made our stay memorable. The diving was great as well, we really enjoyed ourselves. Greetings from the Netherlands, Rose and Richard

Richard Brouwer, France