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Bandos is one of the most famous Maldives’ resort. Bandos stands out by its great hospitability, blithe atmosphere and a wide range of possibilities in your leisure’s organization. It has lush vegetation, cozy sandy beach and very picturesque house reef. The resort is good for families with children, old couples, outdoor enthusiasts, divers and honeymooners.

The island itself is located in North Male Atoll. The distance between Bandos and the main island is just 7 km. Speedboat can get you to the resort in 15-20 minutes.

Bandos has in total 215 rooms. Here you can find Classic Rooms, Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Garden Villas, Jacuzzi Beach Villas, Jacuzzi Pool Villa and Water Villas.

All rooms have air conditioning, telephone, TV, Mini-Bar and attached bathrooms. In fact, Deluxe Rooms have living rooms and large attached bathrooms with a bath. Also all of them have free daily access to Wi-Fi. Jacuzzi Beach Villas is two-stored.

A bedroom is located upstairs; a living room and an open bathroom with a Jacuzzi are downstairs.  Water Villa is the perfect place for spending a romantic weekend with your soulmate enjoying a beautiful sunset





No. of rooms: 84

Size: 38 sqm

Capacity: 3

View: Beachfront View

Room features: En Suite Bathroom with bathtab, Private Patio, Free wi-fi

From: 263USD/night* on BB basis

It is a simple room, which does not devoid of elegance. Standart Room is good for guests who came not for luxury facilities or rooms, but for calm and hasteless rest. Beach front


No. of villas: 12

Size: 37 sqm

Capacity: 3

View: Garden View

Room features: En Suite Bathroom with bathtab, Private Patio, Free wi-fi, Living area

From: 291USD/night* on BB basis

This villa is full of trimmed hedges and flower gardens. It was designed for guests who would like to spend their vacation really very close to nature with the atmosphere of elegance and beauty. These villas are located in the heart of the island close to swimming pool facilities. Non-beach front


No. of rooms: 48

Size: 54 sqm

Capacity: 3

View: Beachfront

Room features: En Suite Bathroom with bathtab, Private Patio, Free wi-fi, Living area.

From: 321USD/night* on BB basis

It’s an one-stored building with a bedroom and bathroom. All the areas in the room have a thatched ceiling and parquet flooring. Also it has a possibility for interconnecting rooms. That’s why this option of living is appreciated by families with children. Beach front.


No. of villas: 49

Size: 110 sqm

Capacity: 3

View: Beachfront

Room features: Jacuzzi, En Suite Bathroom with bathtab, Private Patio, Free wi-fi, Living area

From: 425USD/night* on BB basis

Jacuzzi Beach Villa It is a two-stored building with a bedroom, a bathroom with Jacuzzi, a service deck and a wide balcony. The balcony provides with the incredible ocean view that you can enjoin anytime you want. Jacuzzi is open-aired which comes with its thatched roof. that will only increase your level of relaxation and enjoyment. Beach front.


No. of villas: 1

Size: 90 sqm

Capacity: 3

View: Ocean View

Room features: En Suite Bathroom with bathtab, Private Patio, Pool, Jacuzzi, Open Air Shower, Free wi-fi, Living area

From: 749USD/night* on BB basis

Jacuzzi Pool Villa This villa has a private infinity swimming pool and a cabana style sun deck. This villa is located at the edge of the island. It goes with king size bed, wooden furniture and beautiful ocean view that suggests romantic mood. Also there is a big bathroom which comes with a spacious Jacuzzi.


No. of villas: 2

Size: 117 sqm

Capacity: 3

View: Ocean View

Room features: En Suite Bathroom with bathtab, Sun Deck, Free wi-fi, access to corals

From: 787USD/night

If you are looking for the most unusual way of living then Water Villa is the best option for you. Here is the highest level of privacy and services. The room is fully furnished with modern amenities. The main feature is a luxury with the ornate four-poster bed. Also there is a Jacuzzi that is set among lush indoor plants. The room has direct access to the ocean.

Spa and Wellness Center, Kid’s Club, Pool, Gym, Tennis Court, Sauna and Stem room, Clubhouse, Diving center, Water Sport center.


The island itself has 3 bars and 4 restaurants. Here even the greatest gourmet could find something preferable for him. A lot of guests mark the most delicious fruits, desserts and sea food. But be ready that alcohol is rather expensive here.

Gallery Restaurant

It the main restaurant in the island. There you can have breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The restaurant have a big buffet that is opened during the whole day for all the guests. The Gallery specialized in catering to those who have pre-booked their meals.

During lunch and dinner could be quite busy.

Koon Thai and Umi Yaki

Koon Thai is elegantly designed restaurant, which specialize, in Thai cuisine. In this restaurant, you have two options: to have a meal inside the restaurant or by the sea where you will have a beautiful ocean view. All dishes are in high quality and cooked carefully be passionate chefs. Also you can accompany your meal with any beverage.

Are you fond of sushi? Than this restaurant is made for you! Umi Yaki is the restaurant that specializes at Japanese cuisine.

Here you can not only taste the most delicious sushi in your life, but also watch the cooking process of Nigiri, Sashimi and Maki.

Sea Breeze

As you’ve already understood by the name, the restaurant is located near the sea. It is opened all day long. The restaurant offers a great variety of dining options from a’la cate offerings.

It can be whether spaghetti or even unusual Indian curries which could be an alternative to fast-food or pizzas.

Sand Bar and Pool Bar

Sand Bar is a classic island-beach bar with a great variety of different drinks and cocktails. The main feature of the bar is karaoke facilities. Here you can show all your music skills or just listen to your singing friend. Anyway, you will spend your time with a great pleasure in this bar.

Pool Bar is a bar that is located in the shade of palm trees near the swimming pool. The bar offers a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages, ice creams, milkshakes. It is a great possibility to quench your thirst without going anywhere


It is food and drink bar on Bandos. It provides probably with the best view to the sunset in the whole island. Huvan offers a’la carte brunch service. Here you can find different liht meals, salads, pasta, sandwiches and snacks. Also you may accompany your meal with a glass of wine, juice or cocktail.

SPA Treatment

The real Maldives’ vacation can’t go without attending SPA center. Orchid Spa offers a variety of wellness services that relax, re-align and rejuvenate. The whole complex is made in Eastern style, which only could be a reference to Aisian therapies.

Here you can find a lot of body treatments, salon treatments, and even children treatments. According to body treatments, you can choose through Balinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Maldivian or Thai massages.

Beach and Reef

The resort itself has a wide white-sandy beach. Here you always can find quite secluded spots for having a rest. Also there are always a lot of free loungers on the beach. A lot of guests emphasize a rich undersea world. Take to account that Standard Rooms have the greatest access to the beach.

There are over 200 different species of coral growing in the water. In their turn, these corals is home for a lot of representatives of the underwater world.

The house reef considered one of the best in North Male Atoll. It guarantee a lot of memories and great impression. The reef itself is located close to the beach. It is good for snorkeling and diving


Kid’s Club

Let’s not forget about our children! There is a special spot for kids where they can have a lot of fun. It is Kokko Club. Families who travel with kids can leave them in the club and enjoy the vacation comfortably knowing that their children are in capable care.

The service is free for children between 3-11 years old

Things To Do


Bandos has one of the best dice center on Maldives. Also it is one of the oldest center in the country.

They offer a variety of over 40 different dive sites including some well known highlights such as the Banana Reef, Barracuda Giri, Victory Wreck, Paradise Rock, Rainbow Giri, Lion’s Head, Old Shark Point, and of course seasonal Manta Points like Lankan Reef and Furana.

Other Activities

Water sport, Excursions, Fishing, Sports


– Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the Gallery Restaurant during meal times. Meals from other outlets will be at an extra charge.
– Non-carbonated bottled water is served at all Food & Beverage outlets.
– egular tea and coffee (hot/cold) is served at Sand Bar, Huvan and Gallery Restaurant.
– Soft drinks and canned fruit juices are served at the Sand Bar, Pool Bar, Huvan and Gallery Restaurant. Fresh fruit juice will be at an extra charge.
– House wine is served at the Sand Bar, Huvan and Gallery Restaurant. Premium brands of wine and all sparkling wine are chargeable.
– Draught beer is available from the Sand Bar, Huvan and Gallery Restaurant.
– House spirit (gin, vodka, rum and whiskey) is available from the Sand Bar, Huvan and Gallery Restaurant. Premium brands of spirits are available at an extra charge.
– Select cocktails and mocktails are available from the Sand Bar and Huvan.
– Select sparkling wine is served by the glass at the Sand Bar and Huvan.
– Daily tea, coffee and snacks, served on display, are available from Sea Breeze Café from 1530hrs – 1700hrs.
– All drinks are served one glass at a time.
– Sand Bar options are available from 07:00hrs – 00:30hrs daily.
– *Pool Bar options are available from 10:00hrs – 20:00hrs daily.
– Huvan options are available from 07:00hrs – 00:00hrs daily.

– Windsurfing: maximum 02hours per person per day
– Canoeing: maximum 02hours per person per day
– Table tennis and billiards are included in the package, along with equipment.
– Gymnasium, fitness centre, spinning, step classes, steam room and sauna are included.
– Daylight tennis facilities with equipment are available.
– All the above sports are subject to availability.
– Lessons and certifications are at extra charge.

The All Inclusive Package does not include any of the following;
– Food & Beverages not listed above such as other liquors, liqueurs, selections from the wine list, fresh fruit juice, espresso, cappuccino, blended drinks, cocktails etc.
– Beverage from Room Service, Gift Shops, Mini Bar, Sports Centre and Excursions.
– Beverages served outside all inclusive hours in any of the outlets
– Local & International Telephone Calls/Fax/Internet.
– Compulsory Christmas & New Year Supplement.
– Souvenir Shops and Laundry Service.
– Diving and any other recreation or sports (land and water based) facilities not stated herein as all inclusive.
– Airport/Resort/Airport Transfers.
– Any other services, amenities and facilities not stated herein as all-inclusive are also not included in this all inclusive package.