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Activities in Maldives


Maldives is a very religious country. There you won’t find discos, bars, and clubs. There are even no concert venues. And this is especially true for local islands and for the capital – Male. Besides, taking alcohol into the country and drinking it there are forbidden. But is it so disappointing for tourists? Absolutely not. They come to Maldives for other things. As for the locals, they have fun doing sports, fishing, snorkeling and providing their services to the tourists.

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A wide choice of activities in Maldives is available for you on the resorts, but it is not that simple to get there. You can book a full-day excursion (starting from $100 per person). When I was on holiday there, nobody of my acquaintances visited the neighbouring resort. On the contrary, they were coming to the island for souvenirs. All in all, speaking about resorts, they hardly differ from ordinary islands.


There are also so-called “floating bars”, where you can be taken from the island by boat. But then there arises the question why selling alcohol is forbidden ashore (on the islands), but not afloat? The thing is that nothing is mentioned in the law regarding the ban on selling alcohol afloat. But be ready: the prices are exorbitant there! For example, a can of beer costs a minimum of $10, a bottle of whiskey – $130! There are usually 4-6 kinds of alcoholic beverages available.


Relaxation and exploring of the underwater world are the main entertainments of Maldives. That’s why lots of tourists choose Maldives while planning their holidays. Maldives is one of the few unspoiled places on our planet. In coastal waters there are about 1100 species of fish and shellfish and 200 kinds of corals! You can spend hours enjoying the underwater life of this magnificent place.

It’s like watching fish swimming around in an aquarium.




Don’t forget to try scuba diving, because the underwater visibility is about 50 meters! Beginners can usually dive to a maximum depth of 10 meters, but if they want to dive even deeper, a special certificate is needed, which you can get in almost any school of diving in Maldives. The cost of this certificate is $500-600.

The course includes a theoretical part and several classes of diving with equipment (the number of these classes depends on the school). Deep underwater you can experience the magic of this world! Swimming on the edge of the reef is like being in a state of weightlessness!


Take a marvellous voyage on a sailing catamaran.


Enjoy sunbathing on the white sand and get unforgettable emotions being in Paradise! Beaches on the islands consist of crushed coral (because they are coral islands). Somewhere this coral is smaller, somewhere – larger. In general, the islands are quite clean and well-maintained.

Probably, some uninhabited islands are the only exceptions. However, I can say that every year the islands are getting cleaner and cleaner. I think, they reach perfection in a couple of years.


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Activities in Maldives
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