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by Richard Brouwer on Blank Business Name
Diving in Rasdhoo

We had a great holiday, thank you very much!

Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo is a beautiful place to stay, the staff was super attentive and made our stay memorable.

The diving was great as well, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Rose and Richard

by Dmytro Gnatyk on Blank Business Name
Ukulhas Inn

Спасибо большое за отличную организацию, везде все четко и без заминок. Нам все понравилось, только по вечерам ,как стемнеет, на острове немного скучновато, делать практически нечего, но это, на сколько я понимаю, специфика Мальдивских островов.Спасибо еще раз

by Tertius Greyling on Blank Business Name
Hammerheads at Rasdhoo in September

Hi Alex,Just wanted to say thank you for the information and booking advice. Our trip went very well and we had a great time.The room at Shallow Lagoon was very nice and most people were very friendly. The only problem was the butler (Garre?) was asking too many questions and wanted to know what we were doing and where we were going even after we told him we would let him know if we needed anything. Maybe he was bored because there was no one else staying there. Anyway we didn't feel comfortable when he was at the hotel. But the other people who work there were excellent.For diving, we went with Rasdhoo Scuba (5 dives) and with Rasdhoo Dive Club (3 dives) so I can compare the service from the two. People at both dive centres were very helpful, friendly and competent dive masters. The main difference is that Rasdhoo Scuba offers better quality but at a higher price. The equipment is in a slightly better condition. Also Simon at Rasdhoo Scuba insists on only doing good dives while Rasdhoo Dive Club will still take you diving if the conditions are not good for diving. Off course if you have very little time and really want to dive in Rasdhoo then maybe the Rasdhoo Dive Club is a better option (or only option).Take care!Tertius

by Марина on Blank Business Name
Отдых на острове Тодду

Александр, здравствуйте!Только добралась до личной почты. И хотели Вас поблагодарить за помощь! На о. Тодду нас встретили, заселили, ездили на экскурсии с Абдуллой, проводили в день отлета. Всё замечательно! Спасибо :)В целом отдых получился потрясающим! Мы влюбились в Мальдивы! Конечно, очень понравился отдых на резорте, это сказка! На локальном острове в принципе тоже неплохо, но там быстро приелась еда, пляжи не такие красивые. Океан супер везде! Хотелось бы нам вернуться? ДА! На резорт 🙂

by Fioralba and Fatima Zzahra on Blank Business Name
Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo

Hey Alex,

We are very good. We are now traveling in Sri Lanka.

Our stay is Rasdhoo was perfect. We fell in love with that Island. We loved everything about it!

Shallow lagoon was also perfect. The accomodation was beautiful , the room was perfect, we loved the little garden and the sitting area.

Most of all we loved the staff there. They where great! Everything was plannend perfectly and they where super friendly.
We had a perfect week there!

We would recommend this Island and esspecialy shallow lagoon to everybody!
We had a dream vacation.

Thank you!

Fioralba and Fatima Zzahra

by Isabel Rodriguez Lopez on Blank Business Name
Dharavandhoo Experience

Hi Alex,
We are now back home. We loved our stay in Dharavandhoo!
The guest house (Hanifaru Inn) was great: nice and clean room, excellent service, everyone was extremely nice and helpful. We ended up having most of our meals there, and the food was very tasty.

Ahmed was also a star. He took good care of us and was always available for any question or to help us organise everything.

there was nothing that we disliked. We realised that eating out wasn't really an option (only 2 not-so-great restaurants), so ended up with full board, but that was totally fine and food always delicious.

We really liked staying in a local island, and the diving and the snorkling were extraordinary. We did the diving with Dharavandhoo divers, and they were proffessional and had a nice boat. My friend had a little incident (mild decompression sickness, undeserved), so she was only able to do 2 dives, which was a shame. But, other than that, all was good.

We ended up staying the last 3 days in Kihaa resort, which was very nice.

Thanks so much for helping us organise all this. We absolutely loved it.

Best regards

by Екатерина on Blank Business Name
Как дома

Александр, добрый день!Спасибо вам за нужные советы, отдых был выше всяких похвал.Без лишней лирики: понравилось все. Для детей Гаре стал близким, как дедушка. Плакали, когда уезжали.Невероятно уютный, замечательный гостевой дом. Еда - до отвалу, под конец мы боялись их обидеть, просили подавать чуть меньше, уже не могли все, что подавали, осилить. Не только Гаре, весь персонал, на каждом шагу оказывали любую помощь в любом вопросе. Сипе постоянно с нами плавал на сноркелинг 🙂 показал все окрестности. Нарыбачились. Не хотелось уезжать.Чуть позже я напишу свой отзыв на TripAdvisor.Остров чистый, везде строятся гостевые дома, но стройки идут так тихо и чисто, что этого даже незаметно.Пляж хороший. После сильного ветра на пляже может появится битое стекло от бутылок, но думаю, это скорее прибоем прибивает мусор и разбивает о рифы (но его быстро убирают)… поэтому нужно быть осторожным не только из-за кораллов.Очень хочется прилететь еще раз.С уважением,Екатерина

Excellent experience

When I discovered Alexander's page, it presented totally new world for me: budget Maldives! And not only that he shares his experience, he also gives advice about things that I probably wouldn't think about. We decided to stay on Rasdhoo, small island, but at a very short distance from the airport (which is important) and with its own home coral reef (as Alexander describes it on his page). He provided the transfer for us and accomodation for a good price. It was really enjoyable experience, which I would like to repeat as soon as possible! Thank you very much for everyhting! Anja

by Александр и Анна on Blank Business Name
Отдых в июне 2017

Доброй ночи!

Александр, хотелось поблагодарить Вас, за помощь в организации отдыха!

Все было очень здорово!!

Будем с удовольствием рекомендовать Вас нашим друзьям и товарищам!

Еще раз большое, спасибо!

С уважением,

Александр и Анна.

by Thomas on Blank Business Name
Amazing staying

I just wanted to thank you for everything one last time.
We had an amazing time in the Maldives much thanks to your help.

Thomas and Tria

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