Boutique Beach


Boutique Beach

A speedboat departs from Male at 15.00 and, it the weather is fine, arrives on the island at 17.00. We arrived at 17.10. I stayed at the Boutique Beach hotel. It’s a brand new hotel, which was opened in May 2015. All in all there are 2 hotels and 2 guest houses on the island (June 2016). By the end of the year 4-6 hotels more will have been opened, and they are rather big.

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My room with a balcony was on the second floor. The room was really big. There was a large bed, an armchair, a table, and a chair. Actually, you can see it on the photo. The bathroom was almost as large as the bedroom. Apart from that, there were small shampoo, hair conditioner, and shower gel bottles. Needless to say that that’s very convenient. The room was cleaned every day, so you didn’t need to ask anyone to do that.

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In the hotel I took full board. Mind that there is only one café on the island, and it’s more “local” than “tourist”. The dishes were tasty; I can’t say there was something special (but the beef still was really cool), but it’s worth its money. Lunch is served downstairs, and dinner is usually served on the roof (on a terrace).

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Boutique Beach offers only packages: for divers and non-divers. It includes accommodation, meal, activities (diving for divers) and all taxes.

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